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    You're a new believer. What now?

    You're a new believer. What now? Once a believer accepts Jesus Christ into their heart, he/she is forgiven by God and the blood of Jesus washes all sin away; the person now has a clean slate. It's God's gift to humanity. The works of the Old Testament (Law) and/or philanthropy cannot save you...
  2. M

    Hi I’m new

    Hey I’m completely new to this site I was a athiest most my life Then for a long time I was agnostic so much time wasted lmaoo I want to be part of the Christian faith, I come from a fairly religious family so thankfully I have likeminded people around me. I’ve never joined a forum before...
  3. The Narrow Gate

    Just Finished the "Book of Matthew" -- A New Believer's first step to Understanding God's Word

    Phew! I feel like I climbed Mount Ranier in reading the first book I've completed in the Bible: The Book of Matthew. Or rather this was the first time I read a book in the Bible that I actually understood. My first encounter with the Bible was marked by pure incomprehension. The year...