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191. "Just", "Justify", Etc.

Discussion in 'Bible Study Forum' started by HammerStone, Aug 8, 2006.

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    191. "JUST", "JUSTIFY", ETC.[list type=decimal][*]dikaios = just, righteous. From dike, right (see Ap. 177. 4 ). Occ. eighty times; forty transl. "righteous"; thirty-three "just"; five times "right"; and thrice "meet". In two places (Rom. 3:8. Heb. 2:2) "just" is the rendering of endikos. No other word in N.T. for "just", or "righteous".[*]dikaioo is to set forth as righteous, to justify. Occ. forty times, of which fifteen are in Romans. Always rendered "justify", except Rom. 6:7 ("freed"), and Rev. 22:11 ("be righteous"). The participle is transl. "justifier" in Rom. 3:26.[*]dikaiosune = righteousness. Occ. ninety-two times, of which thirty-six are in Romans. Always transl. "righteousness". Other words to which the same transl. is given are dikaioma (see below), and euthutes, which latter occ. only in Heb. 1:8.[*]dikaioma is a righteous ordinance, a decree (of acquittal). See Ap. 177. 4. Rendered "righteousness" in Rom. 2:26; 5:18; 8:4. Rev. 19:8; and "ordinance" in Luke 1:6. Heb 9:1, 10 : "judgment", Rom. 1:32. Rev. 15:4 : "justification", Rom. 5:16.[*]dikaiosis = justification. Occ. only in Rom. 4:25; 5:18. The only other word rendered "justification" is dikaioma (see 4), in Rom. 5:16.[/list]