4 Principles of How Christians Should Interact with Others (Audio)

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Jul 15, 2019
In this complex society, we have to deal with all kinds of people every day. Each person’s personality, hobbies, habits, temperament, etc. are all different, so in our interactions some conflicts and misunderstandings will inevitably arise. Getting along well with others is not easy—this brings great difficulties to our work and life, and can be physically or mentally damaging to various degrees. Though this is very distressing for many people, they also feel like their hands are tied, and there are quite a few Christians who are no exception. So what exactly should we do to achieve harmony in our interactions? Here we will share simple fellowship on four principles. If our practice is in line with these four principles below, these headache-inducing interpersonal issues will surely be resolved.

4 Principles:
1. Get along with others is to love each other. (1:06)
2. We should deal with people with wisdom. (5:07)
3. We should treat others properly. (7:16)
4. We should not interact with others based on life philosophies, instead, we should focus on establishing a normal relationship with God. (10:57)
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