A prayer for the downtrodden

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New Member
Aug 22, 2007
I come here tonight as a broken person. I guess i should let you know some of my past life so you might be better able to help with the present. I imagine you have many messages from many hurting people so I will try to keep this short but I usually get a little longwinded.
I was raised in a loving Christian family. My parents were nondenominational missionaries in Colombia SA. When I was 11 the whole mission school board, including myself, was kidnapped by Colombian rebels. They let everyone go except for my dad and one other man named Steve Welsh. We waited for a year and half for word that they might be released but on July 19, 1994 we got the word that they had been killed in a battle between the rebels and the Colombian army. As you can imagine this was very hard for my mom and my siblings to go thru. I don't think we really dealt with our grief as a family should and now both my older brother and my younger sister have many mental and emotional scars. As I do also. My older sister thankfully chose the right path for her life and was able to work thru her grief with the help of her husband and friends.As soon as I moved out of my moms house I basically turned my back on God and got into drinking and doing drugs. I even lost my virginity and am at the moment living in sin with a boy who is not a Christian. I don't know how to get myself out of the hole that I am in. God has been on my back even though I still turn from him and sin and that makes me feel like such a worthless person. I know that He loves me and wants to help me but still I prefer to do things my own way. I was just hoping that you might have some insight that would help me and my family. My brother and sister are both going to counseling and still don't seem to be doing too much better. Every day I fear that they will get to the point that they will give in to their feelings of dejection and committ suicide as they have nearly been at that point before. Do Christians who committ suicide go to hell? someone told me that one time and it has been weighing on my mind.I would appreciated your prayers in this matter. I don't want to keep you any longer as I know you have much on your shoulders too. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.


New Member
Aug 5, 2007
Katrina my heart and prayers go out to you. I went through the drugs, the sex, the running from God myself. I can tell you from experience that if you realised just how faithful, loving, and merciful God is...you wouldnt be running from him.. youd be running to him. He is the only one that can pull you out of that and set you on high ground. "The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. A righteous man may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all"; Psalm 34:18, 19 Since you asked if someone goes to hell for commiting suicide, I am worried to death that you are thinking about commiting suicide. I was bakeracted in February for trying to kill myself.. I wondered the same thing when I tried to do it. So I will not answer that question, but i will tell you that you need God in your situation asap. If not for your own benefit, at least think of how your family could really use your prayers right now. I was in a relationship with an unsaved girl, thats why I was suicidal. The devil goes for the heart. It is so dangerous for a christian to be become one flesh with an unsaved person. I treated this woman like a queen and was perfect to her. Something inside of her hated the God inside of me. She just wanted me for sex and adventure. I was looking for marriage.. The Devil used her to almost kill me. I barelly made it out alive. I can tell you from experience that running to God is the only way you will make it out of this. With everything else on your plate, and your current lifestyle, the devil is getting closer and closer to declaring checkmate over you. He's got all his pieces in the right place already. You will not win this by yourself. You need God. Please let him back into your situation today by asking him to forgive you. Even when I turned my back on him and totally betrayed him, he took me back with open arms. He always does. 2 Timothy 2:13-"If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful,.." Remember the story of the Prodigal son? The son who squandered away his inheritance on prostitutes and sinful living decided he had his full of the lifestyle and came home. The father ran out and met his son halfway and embraced him and even threw a party in celebration. God wants you to come back that bad and will forgive everything you have done and he will rejoice that his lost daughter is home. My prayers go out to you. My heart aches for you. If you ever want anyone to unload on and talk to, please message me.


Active Member
Apr 6, 2007
Oh dear, Katrina, I'll pray for thee, that you can come back to God. You need Him to help you on your situation. You can not win on your own power as ryangrom said on his post.I'll pray.Lovest thou in Christ Jesus (Yahshua) our Lord and Saviour.