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Afraid To Die?

Discussion in 'Christian Spirituality Forum' started by Behold, Dec 14, 2020.

  1. Behold

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    Today, in your city, town, state, Country, ...in the Newspaper., you find an Obituary Page.
    A page of Death. Where the names of those who just died, are listed.
    On this daily page, often found, are the faces of those who just the day before had no idea they would be on that page, today.
    They were just alive yesterday.
    Today they are DEAD and GONE.
    And you will be also, sooner then you expect.

    Reader, there are people in this world, who understand that Hell is real, Christ is Risen, and yet they are willing to wait a little longer......to trust in Jesus.

    """"give me some more time......im not quite ready yet....to trust in Jesus.
    I know its real, ....I know its true...but i want to wait a little longer..... just a little longer.""""

    And this would perhaps be understandable, if you knew exactly when you were going to DIE.
    But you dont......Just like all those on the obituary page didn't know.
    So, you just can't play with your eternity like that Reader.
    There is too much at stake.
    Your Soul, Your Spirit, your ETERNITY is at Stake.

    Listen to me..
    The Grave is not the end of you....Its just a DOOR that leads to where you are going to spend your ETERNITY.
    Let me tell you again.. The GRAVE....is NOT>...the end of you...its just the DOOR that leads to where you CHOSE to spend your Eternity, and there are only 2 choices.
    Heaven, or not.

    Reader, if you are a visitor here, and you are not in God's family....if you are not Born Again, and you know it....If you have never trusted in Christ.....I implore you.....i beseech you, ... plead with you i do.......do not wait . Do NOT WAIT... DO .....NOT......WAIT.. any longer.

    Come to Jesus.
    He is calling your heart through my words.
    For God so loved you that He Gave Jesus for you on the Cross.
    This really Happened for you.
    See....God Loves you SO much, and wants you to be with Him now and after you die.

    Come HOME to God... Heaven is meant to be your Home.. The Believers, the Christians are meant to be your family.
    Join us.......JOIN US.......Be a part of our Heavenly family that exists right now and also on the other side of Death, and will never ever end.

    Listen, i had a terrible family growing up. It was awful.
    When i left home at about 18-obo, it was like escaping. There was no love there, no acceptance, there was no joy, there was no hope in that situation....It was constant misery.
    And one day, after i left home...i heard about Jesus, and i heard that God loves me and wanted me to be with Him...a part of His eternal Family.. and i responded, and God responded right back. He gave me eternal Life. He filled me with His LOVE and Jesus filled me with His Peace, and i found a REAL FAMILY... A REAL HOME, and we the born again, this family, is everywhere... and we want YOU to be with us.....to know what we know.. That God is ALIVE and JESUS IS REAL and they want YOU to be with them and with us.
    Family....Home.....for eternity.
    Will you join us ?
    Will you?

    Come to Jesus...Believe on Jesus....Turn to Jesus, Receive Jesus into your Heart and let Him forgive your sin and make you whole and a part of God's eternal family.

    All that call on Jesus, shall be saved.
    All that trust in Jesus, all that take Jesus by faith, God will take into His Family.
    If you take Jesus, God will take you, and keep you.

    Listen Reader.....God made it easy for you and me to be a part of His family.
    It was Jesus The Lord who did all the suffering on the Cross.
    He Bled, He suffered, He died, and He Rose again.......and all for US.
    All God wants from you, to bring you Home, is for you to just reach out with your Heart.....with your HEART and take Jesus into your heart......Believing, and receiving God's Son as your Savior.
    So easy, so simple, so true.

    Do it today.
    Do it now.
    Do it like this..
    Say this out-loud and believe it in your heart... and God help you to it today.

    "Jesus i know im a sinner, i know. And i want to be clean, i want to be free, i want to be YOURS GOD, i want this Family, i want this LOVE...i want this Hope..... and right now i do take Jesus as my Savior. I do receive Jesus into my Heart. Im putting all my trust in Jesus to save me.....I want this, i receive this, right now............right now....

    Thank you Jesus.
    Thank you Jesus
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