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After His Kind

Discussion in 'Bible Study Forum' started by soul man, Mar 14, 2019 at 5:49 AM.

  1. soul man

    soul man Well-Known Member

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    Written by Ray Ogle part 1

    Now that I have had my own per-
    sonal revelation that Christ is in
    me and Christ is my life, the Bible
    is now a whole new collection of
    scriptures just waiting to be revealed
    to my knowing the fullness that
    is in Christ. As I have been grow-
    ing in the Christ-life, certain verses
    of Scripture have eluded me, and I
    lacked understanding until now.

    I had two questions. What makes
    a Christian a Christian? What do
    Matthew 3:10 and Luke 3:9 mean?
    So I set out into Scripture to discover
    the understanding that has brought
    peace to my wondering soul.

    "And now also the axe is laid unto
    the root of the trees: therefore every
    tree which bringeth not forth good
    fruit is hewn down, and cast into
    the fire." (Matthew 3:10) At my first
    reading, I thought this verse was for
    Israel only and referred to Israel's
    rejection of Jesus as Messiah, be-
    lieving that God was thus cutting
    the nation off from His blessing
    and from the "church age." As I be-
    gan to study these verses and travel
    through the Scriptures, Christ in me
    revealed an awesome "panoramic"
    picture I had not previously known.

    The Holy Ghost, as teacher and
    guide, will shed light, wisdom, and
    understanding in this revelation, in
    order for every believer to compre-
    hend what was in God's mind at the
    beginning of all creation. What an
    awesome journey to truth!

    In order to have any foundation of
    understanding, we must first travel
    to the beginning and see what the
    Word says about it. Matthew 3:10
    speaks of a root, and I wanted to
    know exactly what this root was and
    where it came from. In the Strong's,
    "root" is 4491=rhiza, which is sin-
    gular, meaning only one root, not
    many. In this verse, we have one root
    (singular), and many trees (plural).

    If this verse had read, "the root of the
    tree," then I would have more read-
    ily accepted that it was referring to
    only Israel, because Israel is referred
    to as an olive tree. We will discuss
    the (plural) sense of trees later.
    A root. Where, exactly, does a root
    come from and how does it grow
    and exist. In Genesis 1:1-10, God
    created all the necessary elements it
    takes to support life on this planet.

    We see water, earth, and oxygen
    (air) being brought forth first. On
    day three, we see God bring forth
    grass, herb, and the tree yielding
    fruit after his kind. Ask this ques-
    tion: Which came first, the seed or
    the tree? The seed, of course, be-
    cause we see that on the fourth day
    (Genesis 1:16), God made the great
    light (sun) to rule the day, and we all
    know that it takes water, earth, air,
    and light to make a plant grow, and
    that the light process is what we call
    "photosynthesis". We now have all
    the necessary elements in place for
    God to plant a garden, where the
    greatest test of man will take place.
    "Horticulture Class 101 is now
    in session." Two questions: What
    is a seed, and what does the seed
    do? First, a seed is what contains
    and manifests all the DNA and ge-
    netic information as to what kind
    of creature (being) it will become.

    In this lesson, it is a tree. The seed
    is what will determine what kind
    of tree it will be and what kind of
    fruit it will grow. In the Christ-life,
    the seed holds within it ALL the
    character and nature for that which
    it is, and will become. In Strong’s,
    the seed’s nature is: Nature = 5449,
    5453=phue, phusis = growth (by
    germination or expansion), natural
    production (lineal descent); a genus
    or sort, native disposition, constitu-
    tion or usage, man(kind), nature(al).
    5453 = “to puff or blow,” to swell
    up, but only used in the implicated
    sense, to germinate or grow (sprout,
    produce), spring (up). Very simply
    put, a peach seed will become what?

    A peach tree! And it will bring forth
    what? Peaches!
    Second, a seed (when germinat-
    ed) will miraculously spring life
    within it and begin to grow. The ba-
    sic seed, when properly nourished,
    will sprout and begin to grow in two
    different directions. The part of the
    seed that will grow up is called the
    “shoot” or “blade”. The part of the
    seed that will grow downward is
    called the “root”. As the seed grows,
    the shoot will break through the soil
    and photosynthesis will begin; the
    sunlight, water, earth, and air are all
    partakers in feeding the plant, caus-
    ing it to grow and take root. As the
    blade grows and gets bigger, the root
    also begins to dig deeper and deeper
    into the earth, and as the root ex-
    pands more and more, it becomes
    the foundation and support system
    of the tree. Eventually, you no longer
    recognize that there ever was a seed
    because the seed transformed into
    and became the root. What we now
    see is that the tree grew and matured
    and what we now have is a root, a
    tree, and eventually fruit that bears
    new seed. In this lesson, our tree
    will be a peach tree.
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    @soul man I have taken the liberty of reformatting the above post of yours and have put it with the second part of the article in After His Kind Part 2. I hope this helps others to read the article.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019 at 1:43 PM
  3. soul man

    soul man Well-Known Member

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    United States
    Why would that be necessary