Each successive Heaven, is more by faith than the last (selah)

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

So yes, just thinking about Heaven and falling back on Paul's suggestion that it is possible for someone to be caught up to the third Heaven, it behooves us to think on how the Heavens work. Something that is fairly self-evident, is that each successive Heaven, is more by faith than the last. We can't see Heaven, at the moment, but we see light, as from the Sun, which fills our world. The more we pursue the Sun in this life, the more our world is lit up, by that light. So it is with Heaven: it must be explored.

What changes, however, is that once you have had the faith to explore Heaven, you find you can't explore all of it, without some measure of faith that has been shown to you, from the beginning of that Heaven. Everyone in Heaven, must humble themselves in response to the same Heavenly faith. It is not a provokation, but a trust that, once you understand how Heaven works, you will work diligently to grow in faith accordingly. This is ubiquitous for the level of Heaven you are on, but being in Heaven, it is also something that, if you have genuinely shown faith, can never prevent you from having more faith and to higher levels. This is why the light on Earth means so much, it is a guarantee that your faith on Earth, will be received in Heaven and from there to every Heaven above it.

Of course, this is all instructed when you get to Heaven, so there is no confusion there about what is faith and what isn't - the problem is ignoring the instructions: if you can't bring yourself to conduct yourself humbly, no place can be made for you, the higher Heavens which would strengthen your faith, are cut off for the fact that you can't see the light of them, without faith (and faith that only comes with humility) No one fails to get to the highest Heaven, because they have a doubt, but because they keep having doubts. If you keep having doubts, when faith is required, you are basically boasting in your ability to doubt, than address the faith at hand (and what it asked of you). This is a blessing for those in Heaven, because they don't have to keep fighting to defend their faith - as the Bible says "their works followed after them".

I hope this simple exposition is of some hope to you.

God bless.