End the "sinning and confessing" : Carnal trap.

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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola
If you want to stop sinning....... you have to be born again......not just water baptized and religious, wasting time in Church on Sunday.
Jesus said : "you must be BORN AGAIN", and "that is by my SPIRIT, sayeth the LORD".

Once you are born again, you are to "work out your Salvation".

See, you have it if you are truly born again... You have Salvation. God has given it to you as "the GIFT of Salvation"... And now you are to work it out.
How do you do that?
Its only worked out by you existing in the renewed mind of right understanding regarding what it means to have become : "a new Creation in Christ".

Most believers never do this..
They end up the first year, or the first few months deceived by a heretic. They are deceived into the false religion of "trying to stay saved".
See that?
That is LEGALISM.. Its the "gospel of Works" that denies GRACE.
To have that "faith" is to be "fallen from Grace".
That's Broken Faith.

Salvation is God saving us, based ONLY on the Cross of Christ.
John 14:6

We have to learn to completely TRUST THAT, which is to renew your mind, as your mind wants to NOT TRUST THAT.
Your mind wants you to try to keep yourself saved by doing WORKS ... .good deeds, keeping commandments.
But REAL FAITH....is to KNOW that God who saved you, through THE CROSS of CHRIST, keeps you saved through THE Cross of Christ".

Philippians 1:6

And when you end the "here is what i have to DO, to go to heaven, ... to stay saved".... = carnal mind, and get the renewed mind that BELIEVES that Jesus Keeps you SAVED......then you have entered your very first day of true discipleship, as you have worked out your Salvation.

See, you can have Salvation, and not understand it at all.
Most Cults and many Denominations are built on not understanding God's Salvation.
Forum are filled with people who have no understanding, at all, of God's Salvation.

Let me show you how to CLEARLY UNDERSTAND, Salvation.

1.) Jesus said... "you MUST be born again..

A.) Jesus is Salvation.

B.) Jesus is your Eternal Life

C.) Christ on the Cross, forgives ALL your sin

D.) Heaven is already your home, as the born again are "seated in HEAVENLY PLACES, In Christ".