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Exalt Ye The LORD Our GOD

Discussion in 'Fellowship Forum' started by firstthings1st., Feb 12, 2020.

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    Wednesday 2-12-20, Shebat 17, 5780 4th. day of the weekly cycle, 54th. Winter day

    Exalt ye the LORD our God, and worship at his footstool; for he is holy.

    Psalm Ninety Nine:1-9 KJV

    1 The Lord reigneth; let the people tremble: he sitteth between the cherubims; let the earth be moved.

    2 The Lord is great in Zion; and he is high above all the people.

    3 Let them praise thy great and terrible name; for it is holy.

    4 The king's strength also loveth judgment; thou dost establish equity, thou executest judgment and righteousness in Jacob.

    5 Exalt ye the Lord our God, and worship at his footstool; for he is holy.

    6 Moses and Aaron among his priests, and Samuel among them that call upon his name; they called upon the Lord, and he answered them.

    7 He spake unto them in the cloudy pillar: they kept his testimonies, and the ordinance that he gave them.

    8 Thou answeredst them, O Lord our God: thou wast a God that forgavest them, though thou tookest vengeance of their inventions.

    9 Exalt the Lord our God, and worship at his holy hill; for the Lord our God is holy.

    Love always, Walter and Debbie