Faith Without Works

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Oct 1, 2022
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Is it fair to say that faith without works. Is the same as praying to God to do well on a test for school. (Faith) Without actually studying for the test. (Without works)

There are children in school who are bullied. Who decide to take karate, jiu jitsu or enroll in wrestling to get stronger and learn to defend themselves. This process results in them becoming more confident. Which results in decreased likelihood of bullies singling them out for abuse.

By contrast, many christians who are bullied will never take a step towards strengthening themselves or learning to defend themselves. Instead they will only pray to God to do all of the work for them, within a faith without works format.

This precedent could apply to the condition of the world and global economy. There are many americans who are very unhappy with the current state of US healthcare. These same americans will never do their due diligence to learn how healthcare is broken. Instead, they merely pray to god to give them knowledge, and do all the work for them, a la "faith without works". Never comprehending specifically how healthcare is broken, leaves us powerless to fix it. Like a high school graduate who never learned how to change a flat tire.

It seems that somewhere along the line, christians have come to believe that we are never supposed to know or do anything. We have come to believe that christians should only have faith and pray, and never have actions or works to compliment our faith. That the role of christians is to rely 100% on experts like Dr. Fauci to do all of our thinking for us and provide us with all of the knowledge we need.

Isn't it a curious world that we have come to reside in. How did things wind up this way.

If I could look around and see the looks on peoples faces, I would guess everyone would say questions such as these are above their pay grade and unfit topics for low to middle class earners to think about. Only billionaires like Elon Musk are supposed to think about this. And judging by Elon Musk's twitter, it would seem that even he would not want to ask these questions.

Is the role of christians to only pray and never have actions or knowledge to compliment our faith?

I think praying is like having an indoor heater during winter. It needs electricity (actions) to power it. While many of us have done well to develop one side of the equation. A heater during winter without electricity to power it, is a bit pointless.

2023 is a new year. New Year. New Me.

Does anyone have resolutions they would like to share?
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