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Grace : As The Mercy of God

Discussion in 'Bible Study Forum' started by Behold, Apr 5, 2021.

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    When talking about Grace, the grace of God, we are to understand that Grace is not a obtuse definition.
    Its not just a sweet and beautiful idea.
    Grace... is actually The Savior.
    God's Grace, is THE Savior, Himself.

    Jesus IS The Grace of God

    Notice this verse.

    Titus 2:11. """""the Grace of God the brings salvation has Appeared""""

    Now notice "appeared".
    The grace of God has "APPEARED."

    And How did God's Grace appear? = John 3:16 and 1 Timothy 3:16
    Grace appeared as a virgin born baby, and died as the sin bearer of the World.
    Grace appeared as : "God manifested in the Flesh".
    This is God's Grace.
    God's Grace is Jesus The Lord, who has "Appeared".

    Some Pastor's use this phase... "Grace is the unmerited favor of God".
    Ever heard that one?
    And that is true, because Grace is God's Gift.....>"for God so love the world that HE GAVE">.

    Gave what?
    Gave Grace to this world, that ""APPEARED."""
    And who is this GRACE that appeared?
    That is Christ The Lord. The Savior. God in THE Flesh.
    Jesus, is He who "appeared". Jesus IS the GRACE of God.

    Are you born again? Not just water baptized, but BORN AGAIN ????
    Then God's Grace lives in you, as "Christ IN YOU< THE HOPE....of Glory".
    "Glory" is Heaven.. And Jesus is the Hope of Heaven, sent here, as the Grace of God =who "Appeared".

    Are you born again?
    Then you have been redeemed by THE GRACE Himself who bore all your sin, became all you sin, and was judged for all your sin.
    This Grace, Jesus THE Christ... rose from the Dead and is now waiting for you, if you are born again.
    Soon, you will go to Him, and you will feast your eyes on GOD's GRACE, who IS the Living Christ.
    Jesus IS The Grace of God, who "Appeared".

    Now, how is God's Grace, >(who is Jesus)<, also the mercy of God?
    Well, it's God mercy to give you God's Son, who Himself is the Grace that "Appeared", as a GIFT..
    God's Grace, who Appeared, ... This same Jesus, is given to you and given for you, as a GIFT.
    So, the MERCY is.......that God gives you this Gift, who is Jesus, and you do nothing but receive the Gift by faith.
    The MERCY is that you are not required to earn this Gift, and you are not required to be worthy to accept this Gift.
    The MERCY is that this Gift of God, the Grace of God, who is Jesus, fulfilled all God's requirements on Your Behalf, so that you reap all the eternal benefits, for FREE.

    These :

    "The GIFT of Salvation"
    "The GIFT of Righteousness"
    "The GIFT of Eternal Life".
    "being MADE Righteous"
    Becoming "One with God".
    Becoming a Joint Heir with Jesus
    Becoming an Heir of God
    Becoming a Child/Son of God
    Becoming a New Creation
    Being made always at peace with God.
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