I Will Help You To Have A Relationship With God

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Oct 1, 2022
west coast
United States
Are we fustrated by our current state of affairs?

Are things not going well for civilization and society?

Are we fustrated by questionable decisions made by our friends, family members and peers?

Take a moment to ponder this.


Then imagine how God might feel after thousands of years of dealing with our bullshit.

How can we have a relationship with God, without recognizing how blessed we are to have a deity who has saved us from our own bad decisions for millennia.

God has saved us and our ancestors countless times, yet we do not remember. We are not thankful.

We only pray to God to save us from our bad choices in life, in the hope that it will enable us to go on making more bad decisions. Without ever being thankful or learning anything in the process.

If we do not learn and are not thankful, then God has an abusive relationship with us. God gives us everything and we give God nothing. We are abusing God. And it is not cool.

Give me feedback on this.
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