If you love the Church, no matter what: your resurrection will mean to you the most that it can do (hoping?)

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

So, just a simple thought for you to consider: if you love the Church no matter what, your resurrection will mean the most that it can do. In other words, you will have the essence of a perfect life. A perfect life can reach anywhere, do anything, center however it desires. All these things are good. It takes relationship, to have that kind of essence, but once you have it, this world that we are in becomes like nothing. The pleasures of this life, without relationship don't become like death, they just cease to be anything worth entertaining, compared to what is coming. You could even predict, what life you will have, if you love the Church no matter what.

I personally think, I will be some sort of carpenter in Heaven, maybe even an architect. I love the Church no matter what, so it is entirely possible (I have always had a lot of respect for architects). I mean, it is an immense thing; my resurrection means a lot to me. What I am learning, is that my resurrection means more to me, the more I share the faith with others at Church. I have learned to forgive the visual technician when the words to the song are not displayed correctly; I have learned to share joy with the children collecting the tithes and offerings for the day. Some people are happy to identify with the Church, others are still trying to find meaning in it. The point is, all these interactions add up to something.

It's almost like there is a record in Heaven, not of whether you identify with the Church only, but whether the Church identifies with you also! As believers you should be looking around, saying "these are the people I will be resurrected with - I love these people" If you are putting blinders on, if you expect people to measure up, you may reach Heaven, but how will you enjoy it? How will God share in your joy? This is the point behind praying for the Pastor, this guy is behind the eight ball when it comes to the Devil and the sins the Devil tries to get in the Church! The Devil may want power over the Elect, but he can't be bothered loving them individually - not no matter what! That's the crucial weakness, the Devil may try to possess us one after another, but he hasn't got the strength to come after all of us!

So as I said "it comes down to love, love that you don't restrain". There is a real mystery in this: if all we do is love each other, why do we love each other?" The answer is that "when you love each other in Heaven, there is nothing that Heaven needs to refuse". In other words, love for one another amplifies our love - we have attained in love, what we could not make of Earth, but have keep it (like oil for our lamps) for the Lord. I hope this has been of some encouragement.

God bless.


May 20, 2024
Balsall Heath
United Kingdom
Oil to me is Spirit. Night time are an unexpected time of Jesus return. Going away to get oil is following a faith which takes longer to adjust to. Knocking at the door is a person who believes they did all the right things but were rejected for lazy lack of belief. Some people believe but lack the actions that demonstrate belief. Half of all people who profess to be christian do not even go to church. from some research.
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