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Joyous Fore-bearers

Discussion in 'NonChristian Help Forum' started by Babayda, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. Babayda

    Babayda New Member

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    My writing inspired by books written about the current day family of Moses and their attempts at de-railing the planet and mankind from catastrophe. Great-grand daughter of Moses says we need to tell everyone to, "Take back your motherland people!". She says that laws need to be made as soon as possible for obtaining free land for soul mates and families, and that even by drawing out the design of your land on paper will set forth the stars and planets who work for mankind and God, into arranging circumstances where the piece of land will be obtained. This is because it is the creation of a permanent eco-system that will take care of itself for eternity, and passed down to a child, which is far more valuable to God than any occult thing man may try and poses, occult meaning something that causes man to replace a non-satisfying urge with a complex of partial urges, hiding the non-satisfying urge within the complex of partial urges. Please let me know what you all think of this writing. It needs to be understandable and acceptable to the greatest many religions. All criticism is necessary. For those have time maybe even read the whole thing and give me your opinion. This would greatly help in the endeavors of bringing together all religions on Earth: http://joyousforebearers.wordpress.com/2014/11/03/the-sky-home-or-the-kins-domain-joyous-fore-bearers-over-and-under-you-poems-and-writings-the-degradation-of-universal-telegony-through-the-anti-reason-virus-and-the-creation-of-universal-teleg/
  2. JimParker

    JimParker Active Member

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    <<This would greatly help in the endeavors of bringing together all religions on Earth>>

    You cannot bring together all religions on earth.

    Many are mutually exclusive. Islam is incompatible with Christianity (denies the deity and crucifixion of Christ) and Buddhism is incompatible with both. (Denies the existence of a personal God.) Paganism (generic) is incompatible with those three because it worships creation.

    IMO, You are following a wide road to nowhere you want to go.