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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola
Salvation is not what you do for God, but rather, its what God did for you on The Cross, as a GIFT of Love.
And what is that?

Its this.
You live here, down here, where sinners live, and all around you is a "world system" that is a secularized Christ rejecting, "secular" ideology.
God does not.. He lives where sin does not exist, and Holiness is Life, and Truth is Light.

A.) In Heaven
B.) In the Kingdom of God
C.) In all the Born again who are the sinless "Temple of the Holy Spirit".
Remember that Lucifer was "cast out of heaven"?
Because iniquity (sin) was found IN Him.
And iniquity was found in other Angelic beings who bowed to Him and were cast out with Him.
Jesus said He saw this take place, literally. He literally saw Satan and the fallen angels ejected out of Glory.
So, this is "iniquity" found in Lucifer, and sin can't co-exist where God is found to exist.
= So, Out goes the sinner, the Devil.

Now here is a mystery for you.
God does not habitate where SIN is FOUND..
Now notice, ... "IN Christ".......and "The temple of the Holy Spirit".
See those? Sin does not exist there., and both of those are where the born again exist.

Now, If you are born again, God is IN you, and God does not exist where sin is found.
See that?
So, you must realize that when you consider your salvation , if you are born again, and think you are a sinner... You must correct your wrong faith.
If you are born again, you are "IN Christ" and you are become the "temple of the Holy Spirit" and there is no Sin found there.
You dont have to confess what cant exist, Reader.

So, what is salvation? What is "Being Saved"? What is : 'Jesus SAVES"?

Its this:

Its Jesus Saving you....by taking the punishment for your sin, and giving you eternal life in place of your sin.
ITs that simple.
Its God , The Word, the "Bread of Life".. coming down here to personally resolve your sin issue, your unrighteousness issue,= by making you Righteous ... = born again.
God made you righteous "while you were yet a sinner".... God "justifies the ungodly"....so, that is in ALL cases......at all times.... if you are born again.
You were a sinner, based on what you are, and God made you Born Again, based on what Christ did for you, 2000 yrs ago.
See it?
God made you holy, if you are born again......you are the "righteousness of God in Christ", and you will remain so for as long as God is in you, and that will be for as long as God lives.
That is called ETERNAL LIFE, and all the born again have it.
Eternal life is not temporary, and its not affected by your misbehavior or your carnal "works of the flesh".
Eternal life is JESUS HIMSELF< who lives in you, as your SALVATiON, Redemption, Sanctification, Justification, and Eternal Life.

Sinners down here......are ALL offered by God a WAY to become a part of God's family up there.
= SALVATION......is to be BORN AGAIN.
And you can become a part of it down here. And how?
Jesus said....>"You MUST be born again", and that is how you do it.
And if you are not born again, if you are just water baptized....then that is what is keeping you out of "up there"..... currently out of God's Family.
John 3:36

Listen... God has resolved your sin, 2000 yrs ago, and offers this eternal resolution as a GIFT to you. Its a A Love Gift.
John 3:16 is a Love Gift.

If you have taken God's Gift, if you have turned to the Cross and in faith received God's eternal resolution of your sin, then your sin is resolved as if you've never sinned, and you are kept this way, 'in Christ". REDEEEMED.... BY God's eternal solution, which is the Blood of Jesus.

The CROSS is the bridge that God Built between you and Himself, ONLY using Jesus's Blood, Death, and that Cross, and Resurrection.
Its literally an eternal bridge that reconnects you to GOD, if you will go there and trust in Christ.
The NT speaks of "repenting"....and this is specific type...Its to turn from unbelief TO FAITH in Christ.

If you take Jesus by faith, God takes you by promise and gives you the new birth.
You are made righteous by GOD and kept so by the same EVENT (Born Again)...
All believers have been Given "the Gift of Righteousness".... "The Gift of Salvation"..
These Gifts are Eternal.


Now, how do you become an "enemy of the Cross" while being born again?

= This happens to a believer when their subverted faith has replaced God's GIFT of SALVATiON... with self effort.. (self righteousness).
These who are fallen from grace will try to theologically hang the Christian on the Cross. They will always teach an obedience type of self effort theology (self saving) that has replaced the Gospel of Truth and God's Grace, with their theology of self righteousness.
= This is Anti-Cross, and Anti-Grace.
How to spot these dark lights? Every one of them believes they can lose their salvation because they have no real faith in Christ to keep them saved.

Listen....If you contradict God's Salvation with a belief or teaching that flips Salvation into a "do this to keep yourself saved".. self effort situation, = then you become an enemy of the Cross, if you teach that theology.

The Cross is a GIFT from God to the World, to everyone. "to as many as will come" "to ALL who will believe". "For God so loved the WORLD that He GAVE"..... and that offer of the Blood of JESUS is to all of us, everywhere, at all times.
That Cross is God saying......"COME HOME", = Everyone.
Jesus is the door who is the only Way to God.
John 14:6

There are many false teachings that try to take God's GIFT of Salvation away , by replacing it with self effort, which is literally self righteousness.
Christian Forums are infected with this Grace denying blasphemy.
Pulpits around the world have ripped Jesus off the nails with their self saving theology of : "do-ism to be saved and STAY saved".

Saint.... there are many subverted and twisted teaching's... that pretend to be "christian", but they are really a complete rejection of The Cross of Christ... which is God's love and mercy and Grace.
They all try to replace God's Salvation that HE Supplies... with self effort to get God to take you OR to keep you after all of this is already resolved, once and for all, by being born again.
Note those who teach "self effort" as salvation, and mark these self righteous dark lights well, as they are enemies of the Cross and deniers of the Gospel of the GRACE of God.
These deceived people FLIP the Grace of God into a works based self righteous LIE that they teach and preach.
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