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Oasis of living water

Discussion in 'Praise Forum' started by Frank Lee, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. Frank Lee

    Frank Lee Well-Known Member

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    Eternal Oases of God ©
    by Frank Lee Jennings

    His praises come up in my mouth
    not with my eyes, within my heart
    I know He's here. I press ahead
    though often weak, even perplexed
    I sense His Holy Spirit always here

    into my feeble weakness He pours strength, replaces cloudiness with clarity. Weariness with joyful energy, rising again I go on, lightened by the anointing and presence of God's Holy Spirit. Weariness has flown away

    as I yield my tongue to His spirit
    His might flows into me. Spiritual power. I can do all things, anything through Jesus Christ. He'll never fail, leave or turn away from me

    friends, kinsmen forsake me, turn away their faces. I look, as the psalmist, for love, gentleness, a kind word, compassion, prayer, yet I abide alone, save for Jesus the Christ and His promised Holy Spirit of comfort

    I too wounded in houses of my friends
    My words rejected too. Misunderstood,
    Cast back at me. Longing that they receive Him. Know Him. Oh Lord to know you more. To hear you more

    A man of sorrows knowing grief.
    Am I exempt? The son of God is my pattern. I yield to Him knowing all that besets me He will overcome.
    Firing the pots gives them strength

    I know He will change men, create reborn hearts with new lives, change the times and seasons. Hearts and faces He will turn again toward me, He will transform, change and turn me around to face others

    let me regard, offer hope, love, a kind word, forgetting myself. Even as He was obedient unto death. He prayed for them, offering God's love instead of man's gall. I follow His pattern, His ways, His footsteps. Come with me He says. See where I dwell then dwell with me

    I'm astounded. I thought He'd finished long ago His saving, molding, shaping, breaking of me. After decades He's all new, working yet on this small pot. I rest in His hands. He removes flaws, smoothes, perfects, adding glaze in high heat, so that when struck a high clear ring

    "Climb out of yourself" He demands
    "Step into the ever new me". Let go
    all holds on the old man. Divided
    houses crumble into ruin. God's new creations will abide for eternity.
    I am a new creation again, again

    I clasp the Master's garment as we walk together into the wilderness, worshipping Him as we go, side by side on the narrow path. I yield to the urge of His spirit. He takes my hand "walk with me" He encourages. Come

    firey darts often fill the air around me. Fired to kill and wound but God's armor protects me. I raise the shield of faith above while slashing back the enemy with the sword of God's word. His blood upon me a covering

    to quench flaming arrows and lies,
    I hear His words inside. The truth
    I absorb the peace He radiates
    as if a dry sponge gasping for water
    calmed by His spirit, I look ahead

    wondering about beyond, but
    I need not consider tomorrow
    turning my meditation to Him
    I recall past deliverances, sweet grace as Samson at the honeycomb

    walking on, His joy lifts my heart
    faith, I will not let go of Him.
    faith, I will not stop. Faith,
    He will never fail or desert me.
    faith, He speaks through me

    "The cross is very big" He tells me.
    "No matter how far you travel on the road of life you can always see it. If you cannot see the cross you are on the wrong path, you've lost your way. Go back to the cross, start there". Keep it in sight

    dark forces beset and wrestle me,
    assaulting my peace, I stand still.
    over and again His words and love
    I recall, wisdom He's given me
    my health, peace, joy are assured

    I speak God's promises constantly
    pray in the spirit. Secrets from God.
    Secrets to God, a pure language.
    Jesus, the only sure anchor, my shelter
    nothing else holds so fast and secure

    everything else must fail, fall, break.
    No matter how fierce or fearful, my
    enemies flee from Him, tremble then vanish at the sound of His name.
    I speak as the very oracles of God

    He freely gives me His strength
    to move forward, again do exploits
    a joyful heart, peace with purpose
    I'm walking on in life, never alone
    nothing must deflect my calling

    now I through Him lift up others,
    fellow travelers. Seeing their needs
    I speak, do what He says, go forth
    comforting as I was comforted.
    I was not whole until He broke me

    Pride was broken off. A husk
    now the treasure within is seen
    if I am seen then I've failed. His
    radiance alone must shine forth. He
    will be seen in my countenance

    a green rising appears in the
    shimmering waves of heat.
    Lush green growth near ahead,
    flowers by the flowing water, a
    treasury of ministry to wayfarers

    heat, pressure, assaults all fade
    replaced by cool breezes of peace
    they sweep around and through me
    inside me, praise God, inside me!
    Each touch heals hidden wounds

    no one heals except the Lord Jesus
    no other touch is so gentle yet strong
    no other power so great yet humble
    no other voice as living waters of Jesus

    on the long desert wilderness
    journey of life Jesus has guided
    me to yet another oasis. His yoke
    light, easy and a joy to bear
    I need never lay it down. Times of refreshing come by the Holy Spirit

    adversaries, trouble, pressure, all
    rage against His pilgrims. Trying
    to grind us down. Turn us aside.
    He carries us on waves of grace
    clearly it's seen by unbelievers

    they are drawn to His beauty in us
    they yearn to have whatever it is
    that we radiate. A sweet fragrance
    of His Holy Spirit draws them near
    they must yield to His love and grace
    or reject Him then flee away

    I take in His glory as long as I might, rejoicing in His magnified presence, basking in the glow of His peace, refreshed in the rays of His light, a wonderful, gentle loving power

    I move on, but never from Him
    or from His grace, walking with Him I journey on life's path. He's set
    this path to His heavenly city, a living oasis I carry through life's. deserts

    He calls me forward with Him, for
    in Him we live, move, have our very being. His presence is the eternal oasis that goes along, we need never depart being refreshed by His grace

    even as I journey forth and do battle,
    search and seek the lost, raise up
    the fallen, sowing seed by the way
    watering seed sown by others
    being pruned by the things I suffer

    though He is the son yet learned He
    obedience through the things He suffered. Have you turned to face his word, turned around, away from men's traditions? Been baptized in His Holy Spirit of promise? Obeyed His voice

    He makes oases inside us, His children, those wearied in their journeys. He has prepared them before us so where He is we may also be, and so dwell in His glory. In Him we live, move, once again anointed refreshed

    an eternal oasis of God's grace is
    the ever flowing river filled with living water where we freely drink as we walk and do His will, never thirsting as His river flows through us

    And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.
    Revelation 22:17 KJVS

    He shall drink of the brook by the wayside;
    Therefore He shall lift up the head

    Psalms 110:7
    Deuteronomy 33:27 KJVS
    The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; and shall say, Destroy them .
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  2. "ByGrace"

    "ByGrace" Well-Known Member

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    I can see you and King David getting together in the kingdom to swap psalms ...and maybe put them to music for us :)
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  3. Frank Lee

    Frank Lee Well-Known Member

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    United States
    He gave me this a few years ago. Over time I went through it over and over changing words, adding, taking away. Like sharpening a sword. To God all glory be.
  4. Dave L

    Dave L Guest

    Thanks for sharing Frank. The Lord has given you a unique way with words.
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