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OT Texts/Variants Questions

Discussion in 'NonChristian Help Forum' started by charleychacko, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. charleychacko

    charleychacko New Member

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    one thing that is mentioned is that the NT quotes of the OT, in my understanding, are in the majority thought to be from a Greek source. are there any NT quotes of a verse in the OT that is quoted from both a Greek and a Hebrew source? the reason of this is, my information says the earliest Greek OT mss we have is of the LXX from i think ~300AD or later, and in my understanding these versions of the LXX include the apocrypha, but that it is very improbable that the Greek that would have been used by the NT authors would have had the apocrypha in it since not all of the apocrypha was even written yet. the question is, how do we know that the Greek quotes were in fact different from what quoting the Hebrew or Aramaic into Greek would have truely been, i dont know if i said that right, but how do we know they are in fact variations rather then just a proper translation? if this is based simply on the fact that what they quoted appears different from what we see in the Masoretic text we use today, that doesnt seem conclusive to me. other things i have read have suggested that Christians used the LXX OT so well that the Jewish people stopped using it or decided to chagne it so that it would support Jesus as the Messiah less than the original form of it, something i read also suggested to me that the Masoretic text was also changed in this same fashion, how do we know this isnt the case? How do we know that the Masoretic text that we use today to translate the OT is the same OT God gave and that was used prior to Jesus' time as well as during His time, based on the quotes in the NT it would seem that what we have is different from what He and His Apostles used, possibly what they had was different then what we have today but was a uniform text? i dont know if what i mean is well explained here. also what is the difference, if any, between the KJV OT source and modern Bible versions OT source(s)?