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Paper Money and Fiat Currency is the True Mark of the Beast

Discussion in 'Christian Theology Forum' started by gaviria.christian, Feb 22, 2020.

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    Paper money and fiat currency is the true mark of the beast of Revelation, because the Torah commands, "you shall have righteous balances and weights", which fiat currency is not, for true money according to the Torah is gold and silver. Unlike fiat currency, gold cannot be devalued, because 1 ozt of gold today is the same 1 ozt of gold tomorrow, because the value of gold was previously based on standard weights for thousands of years. It is true and valuable and stable and good money. It's precisely why the US Constitution says that only gold and silver can be legal tender, which outlaws paper money and fiat currency, which has been introduced illegally into this society, which even the founding fathers of the US were completely against in their writings. And it's why all the names of fiat currencies were all formerly names of weights, "dollars", "pesos", "pounds", all to weigh gold accurately, which was money in antiquity for thousands of years. Yet in the 1930's gold was confiscated by executive order in the USA, and people were forced to trade in their gold for gold certificate, which was paper money. It was given at around $21 USD per 1 ozt. One year later the paper money was devalued to around $35 USD per 1 ozt, which was massive thievery. And over the decades the paper money continued to be devalued, until around the 1970's, which is when the backing of gold was completely removed from the paper money, which is when it also became fiat currency, the greatest thievery in the history of humanity, because the central banks kept all the gold they robbed the entire world of since by this time all the nations also began to adopt this form of money, while leaving the world with mere paper to buy and sell with. What were formerly names of weights, such as "dollars", "pesos", and "pounds", to derive the value of gold no longer had anything to do with weight nor gold, and left people literally buying and selling with mere names and numbers, the "name of the beast" and the "number of his name", which are the two forms of the mark of the beast. It's precisely why 666 is mentioned in the Tanakh, "666 talents of gold", because people were left buying and selling with mere names of weights, as if they were buying and selling with the mere name "talent", which was a standard weight, and people were left buying and selling with mere numbers of a false weight. And so all the paper monies and fiat currencies of today are all false weights, which breaks the command of the Torah regarding righteous weights and balances, and so causes everyone to sin by the mere possession of this forbidden money, the "mark of the beast". The mutual consent of everyone to continue receiving and using this form of money is what keeps it going, which is why everyone deserves to be condemned by it, because it is everyone's fault that it still exists, not just those who issue it and have forced us to use this evil form of money for their own benefit. The only way to get rid of the mark of the beast is by getting rid of this money, every last penny of it, and that is why "come out of her my people", meaning coming out of the financial system, is the ultimate test of belief and obedience to any believer, because we all need money. This is a truth that no one else or very few people are going to tell you, because the world has been deceived and the evil of fiat currency has been normalized into our society. George Washington would've been appalled at what this nation has become, which is why he wrote, "paper money has had the effect in your state that it will ever have, to ruin commerce, oppress the honest, and open the door to every species of fraud and injustice". The way paper money and fiat currency impoverishes the world is through deliberate devaluation since it has no intrinsic value, which then causes savings and incomes to lag behind the devaluation, which then causes prices to rise because of the devaluation, which then causes people to get into debt, and then they become poorer through interest since the debt is not given for free. It is the very reason why people are eating out of garbage trucks in Venezuela, or why what an Egyptian makes in one day in minimum wage in their fiat currency is enough to buy food for 1 day in the US, or why there is a debt crisis in the US. Paper money and fiat currency is the root cause of the problem. It is the root of evil. And eventually those at the top of this financial system become the owners of everything, through debt, which is what having the mark of the beast on the forehead symbolizes, debt, for the forehead is a symbol of being owned by whose name is imprinted on the forehead, and a "borrower is a slave to his lender", which today comes in the form of credit cards and mortgages and auto loans and many other forms of debt of fiat currency. And having the mark of the beast on the right hand symbolizes merely possessing paper money and fiat currency, for the right hand is symbolic for authority, and once you have this form of money then you have authority to buy and sell. And this financial system will indeed collapse, which is why the destruction of the prostitute of Babylon, which is Vatican City, will cause all the "merchants of the earth to wail for her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore", for all central banks of the world trace back to one bank, the Vatican Bank, and by destroying the head of this financial system it will subsequently cause it all to collapse like a house of cards. And that is essentially why she is called a "prostitute", because she sells herself for money, and she joins herself with the kings of the earth through central banks, and the money she has received is the gold she has taken from the world while giving us mere names and numbers to buy and sell with. Believe and understand what I am telling you, and prepare, for we are 6 years away from the financial collapse, because we are now approaching the year 6000 from creation in 2026 AD, which is the true year of the second coming of the Mashiach, which will be preceded by the destruction of Vatican City and the global financial collapse. Many people will read this post and ignore it, ridicule it, and disbelieve it, all to their own demise in a few years. So be it. If, however, you are not among one of these, and do believe what I am telling you. Contact me, so that I can give you more information on how to prepare.