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Paul's Revelation Gospel

Discussion in 'Bible Study Forum' started by soul man, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. soul man

    soul man Well-Known Member

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    When Paul had his revelation of the indwelling Christ, he went into the Arabian desert. Paul was "more zealous than you all" in his religion. I believe after Paul's revelation, he spent some time in the desert getting the message of God so fixed in him that when he came out of the desert he would know what he was talking about.

    More importantly is the fact he was God was getting that deep root of religion out of Paul.
    Paul knew nothing but the law, and would kill to protect it.
    Even though God had revealed Christ in Paul and was giving to him the gospel of Grace, he needed things fixed in him by the HolySpirit. We all have that deep root of religion that God deals with.

    Even if you have had a revelation of the indwelling Christ as Paul did, you will go through that desert to get the deep root out.
    We have enough law preaching and teaching and those that know nothing but the law.
    This is where the believer comes in, all they can do at this point is yield to the HolySpirit. If you are going to go on in the Lord you must yield to the HolySpirit, this is a soul-mind issue. All your pet doctrines and beliefs will be put on a shelf to go on in the lord. If they are that important, the HolySpirit will use them in time. But for the time being you have to be fully surrendered to the HolySpirit, your ideas have got you no where anyway.

    The scripture says "many are the plans of a man's heart."
    Paul had many plans, he never expected to be confronted by Jesus Christ Himself.
    That is the way we are, going along in our understanding and all the sudden, boom you're confronted. Out of no where the HolySpirit begins to nudge you in a direction He is taking you. Into things you know nothing about, things you can't control.
    We all come in kicking and screaming, none turns loose on their own, it is always the HolySpirit that spurs you on to revelation.
    When I was a law-man I preached out of the Old Testament only. I would feel guilty some times for not preaching out of the New Testiment. I used the types and shadows that pointed to Christ, but never preaching Christ.

    I could use the Red Sea experience as God making a way for you. Coming out of Egypt was getting free of the world. It was endless and I loved it. The first message I ever preached as a babe in Christ was out of Ezekiel, how he swallowed the scoll and began to preach.
    The point is; what is so near and dear to you may not be so precious to the Lord.
    You want to thrill your father, move on, allow Him to take you on this uncharted journey that few will walk. You wont die, you may feel like it for a moment but He knows what you need. He created you special, there is not another like you. He gave you Christ to be your life and expression, He would like for us to know something about that.
    He don't care about your religion, He really doesn't care what you believe about a particular subject, He cares about you. He cared so much, He did something about it, and gave His only begotten Son.
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