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People are Being Controlled by Demons that Cause Pain in Them

Discussion in 'Christian Spirituality Forum' started by AlertChristians, Nov 29, 2018.

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    People are Being Controlled by Demons that Cause Pain in Them

    Demons cause pain inside of people in a communicative way. And they use that pain to control them, preventing them from doing things they need to do.

    The things the demons try to control is practically anything. Examples: not going to church, not indicating to anyone that they need help, not praying, not using the restroom when availabe, not eating or buying certain foods (healthy), not drinking or buying water, not going outside, not crossing the street. There's virtually no end as the demons want to take over as much of a person's life and body functions as possible, isolate them, torment, torture, eat their body, and kill them.

    There's a grand coverup about this, as this is Satan's kingdom and his servants on earth are many. As I typed that last sentence, a servant of Satan pounded on the wall closest to me in this motel (here to avoid rain) indicating his threat of violence and extreme disagreement.

    As a servant of the Lord, I work to expose evil such as this with the end of at least freeing people by casting out their demons - as the Lord Jesus commanded his disciples.
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