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Sharing the Word of GOD through YouTube?

Discussion in 'NonChristian Help Forum' started by BJankins, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. BJankins

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    He is Risen!,

    I know that the internet is often viewed as being filled with sin and other useless frivolity. But I was wondering what people thought of the power of YouTube in sharing the Gospel? We were discussing this in the hall after Easter services this morning, and one of my friends mentioned that her grandson could help us do this mission. We are hoping to get the entire Bible onto YouTube as well as videos with our personal testimonials and thoughts on the holy word. So far her grandson has put together a nice series of Genesis readings. We are hoping to get everything together for the full Bible by Pentecost. We will then be posting our personal videos and possibly receiving other videos from Christians to show the world the power of the lord.

    Here are our Genesis videos:

    [link removed]

    Please share this with your friends so that we can grow the community and the potential future contributors to the testimonial series.

    Also, please provide any suggestions and prayers so that we can better succeed in sharing the Word of GOD with the world. Note: any technical suggestions will be passed on to her grandson because we do not know how to make the videos ourselves and need his help.
  2. I think you need to carefully consider your target audience.

    If your target audience is Christians who are somewhat casual about their faith and you wish to get them fired up about things then Youtube may well be a good medium by which to do so.

    But if your target audience is atheists and you are hoping to convert them with Youtube videos then I'd advise you to spend your efforts elsewhere.

    The problem is that Youtube - by its nature - is a one-way communication tool. When you give people a link to a Youtube video and ask them to watch it you're not engaging in personal conversation but delivering an impersonal lecture. That's not the best way to convince people that you're right and they're wrong. Also, and this may seem somewhat ironic given the effort it takes to create a good quality Youtube video, dropping a link to a Youtube video into a conversation is seen as being very lazy thing to do. It comes across as saying "I don't think you're important enough for me to spend time actually discussing things with you, so I'll just spend two seconds giving you a link; and I also don't think your time is important so I'll expect you to waste it watching whatever is at the other end of the link." As such it's usually seen as a rather rude thing to do.