The Bible - Disciples of Christ version

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May 27, 2018
Awesome new version of the Bible presenting accurate theology and correcting many mistranslations
Do not be deceived. Here is the intro to this Bible: "The Disciples of Christ Bible is a Non-denominational version of The Christian Bible that will contain all 80 of the original books found in the 1611 version of The King James Bible. 14 of these books were removed from the Bible in 1684 by the Vatican."

There are several factual errors in this brief statement:

1. The original King James Bible included the Apocrypha between the two Testaments.

There were 15 non-canonical, uninspired books within the Apocrypha. So the total would be 66 + 15 = 81 (not 80).

2. Unlike the Catholic bibles, the King James translators did not mix and mingle the books of the Apocrypha with the Old Testament. They knew full well that these books were not Scripture. They simply included them originally because they were being commonly read. And it was a wise decision to remove them totally from the standard King James Bibles. And the date was 1828, not 1684.

3. The Vatican had no control over the King James Bible, which is in fact a Protestant Bible, and in which the church of Rome is castigated in the Preface.

4. To reintroduce the Apocrypha as Scripture is to cause more spiritual confusion. So my recommendation is for Christians to TOTALLY REJECT this misleading bible.
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