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The Blessedness of Holy Living

Discussion in 'Christian Theology Forum' started by emekrus, Aug 17, 2015.

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    “Even as David also describeth the BLESSEDNESS of the man, unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works, saying, Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin”—Romans 4:6-8

    Blessedness is from the Greek word “Makarismos”, meaning- beatification- that is, attribution of good fortune. In ordinary language, it means: Fortune, Enjoyments and benefits…

    Then holiness, is the empowerment to do right. Hence, by “The Blessedness of Holy Living”, I mean- the benefits or the fortunes that accrues the man who is wholly committed to holy living.

    Some time ago, in the barbing salon where I used to go and cut my hair, there was a young man I knew, who was also one of the barbers there…

    Each time I went there, most of his conversations were centered on girls. Then on one of such days, as he was passionately discussing about girls, I interjected; “Is it only women you ever talk about?” and his reply was; “Is there any other thing sweeter than women?”…

    When I heard that, (in my heart) I was like- oh my God! Then I explained to him, that there are so much more fun-far sweeter than women in serving God (in spirit and truth through a commitment to absolute holiness- by the implication of what I told him).

    Then with time, I shared some of my personal testimonies with him and even invited him to Church. Although after all my frantic efforts to get him to Church and converted, he never repented- but I pray that God will arrest him one day…

    Now the young man I just related his story, is an unbeliever. But more disheartening is the fact that right inside the church these days, many folks are still so much dipped in sin and carnality in much the same way as the unbelieving young man I just related his story above.

    And as a result, they have been missing out on so much blessings that accrues holy living. Even more gnawing is the fuel of unrighteousness that is being added by these ‘appropriated righteousness’ preachers…

    The folks who preach people into assuming forgiveness, instead of consciously repenting and asking for forgiveness; each time they sin so their iniquities can be forgiven and their sins can be covered; just as the scripture stipulates in 1 John 1:8-9.

    And as a result, these deluded folks (with their hearts caked with unconfessed sins) go to God with ‘bold-face’, instead of boldness that comes from true commitment to holy living…

    Hence, this article seeks to point out scripturally the blessedness of Holy Living so anyone interested can clean up his or her hands and heart accordingly…

    What Then Are The Blessedness of Holy Living?
    1. Supernatural Peace: When holiness is your lifestyle, you enjoy divine peace- Psalms 119:165- The kind of peace that only Jesus can give. He said, my peace I give unto you, not as the world (things of this world) giveth… John 14:27- but it is accessible only through absolute holiness.
    2. Divine ProtectionRomans 1:3-4: When holiness is your lifestyle, you enjoy divine power which supernaturally protects you from every evil incursion of the enemies. You know, Jesus said, he has given us power over all the powers of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt us (Lk 10:19). But yet, so many believers lack this power because of outright unrighteousness. And as a result, the devil has been having a filled day in their lives.
    3. Glory- Exodus 15:11- Glory means- Divine decoration or beautification. When holiness is your lifestyle, you move with an aura that commands honor, favor and dignity- regardless of what you have or not. For instance, even if I put on rag to anywhere in my milieu (neighborhood and the rest) I will still be honored.
    Holiness amongst several other things, attracts wisdom, boldness, divine health and commands love from all and sundry. The Bible says, when a man’s ways pleases God, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him- Prov 16:7.

    So pray to God, to empower you for holiness; and also be practically committed to holy living. Because after your empowerment by God, the onus is on you to practice righteousness.

    Remain Blessed, in Jesus Holy Name!