The Day of the Lord, perfects the teaching and remembrance of the Holy Spirit (selah)

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Oct 19, 2022

Wow! So I couldn't hold on to this without sharing, because it completely fired me up in the Spirit:
The Day of the Lord, perfects the teaching and remembrance of the Holy Spirit (selah)
We should be ready to stand, for the Lord, no matter how He requites our focus and attention. There is nothing we can focus on in this life, for which the Lord will not have an answer. Whether we are mad, full of desire or leadership, holy or like an animal the Lord will be there to suffer with us. This is a tremendous encouragement. The insight of the Lord will guide all to Heaven, from the depths of Hell, to the height of God's glory and beyond. Everything will respond to the Lord with the one accord. We must prepare for the Day in which we give God the glory, that we waited for Him to come and received Him when He did.

No madness will overcome us, no desire will vex us, no leadership will oppress us, no holiness will cause us to war, no animal will curse us. What the Lord has done will be on our minds throughout the Day. In Heaven they will rejoice that there is peace on Earth and goodwill to all men. Our steps will be ordered by the Lord, to keep us from Hell and to find in us the Gospel. Men will see eye to eye with men, that you can't have it all, but you can have a little of each other. Families will be restored, religions will be fashioned in truth. The message of the Gospel will be united on all fronts, none seeking to be any greater than the others.

It's hard to imagine how much God has suffered for this Day to come to pass. But with it firmly in view, we will be able to accomplish great things. We should be humble about that and also mindful, that we do not squander what those before us have prepared. Those in our past, go before us. We must be thankful. There will be a heroes welcome, for those that come from this time, because they will be full of the Lord, when they reach Heaven. All those that desire to give glory to God, will be foreknown and foretrusted. The Lord will have a double measure of the Holy Spirit.

And again I say, give thanks.

God bless.