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The Identity of the Two Witnesses of Revelation

Discussion in 'Christian Theology Forum' started by biloqewu, Sep 30, 2018.

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    There will be two prophets, otherwise called the “two witnesses” of the book of Revelation, that will appear 3.5 years prior to the second coming of Yeshuah Messiah around the spring of 2023 AD and will die in Jerusalem. There exists a distinction between the “42 months” and “1,260 days” in Revelation, even though they both equate to the same time expressed differently, because one time is figurative and the other is literal, therefore, whatever is declared figuratively in months means each figurative day is one literal year, and whatever is declared in days means literal days. Both these times are mentioned in same passage in Revelation concerning the witnesses and the set-apart city, where the set-apart city is trampled for 42 figurative months, which equates to 1,260 literal years, and the prophesying of two witnesses happens for 1,260 days, which equates to 1,260 literal days, or 42 literal months, or 3.5 literal years. As such, they will have authority to bring whatever plagues they want as often as they want. They will be killed during the trumpet blasts related to the second coming of Yeshuah Messiah, hence why they are mentioned between the sixth and seventh trumpets of Revelation. As such, since we know the time of their death, which will be in autumn in relation to the Festival of Trumpets, then we also know the time of their appearance will be around the spring 3.5 years prior. They will be killed by the newly formed United States of Europe.

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