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The olive leaves

Discussion in 'Christian Spirituality Forum' started by Collin Feener, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Collin Feener

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    When Noah sent out the dove and it returned and it had an olive leaf in its mouth. It meant there were Olive trees and the waters we abated. And this means, the olive trees were for olives and they produced the fruit which gave them oil for their lamps. The olive tree represents men with knowledge for the light of the church or teaching them about God. The trees were used for wood for the doors and the door is your mouth that opens when the man is teaching. The flood of Noah was a flood of iniquity. By the righteousness of God do we climb high up his mountain and we strive to go higher and higher. This also means spring is near or there summer and people are worm to excepting the word of God.
    The fig tree, when its branch becomes tender, you know the Lord is near and this generation will not pass away before the time has come. The fig trees are people running the church in the flesh and the leaves mean it is almost ready to bear fruit. The fruit being knowledge, Jesus cursed the fig tree that had no fruit but it was not in the vineyard. That means the person was a hindrance for him, just a man being in the way of the church growth.
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