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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola
If you have gone to the Cross, trusting in Christ TO = forgive your sin and give you Salvation..."Save you",,,, Then God accepted your faith the day you BELIEVED, and He did something that is really beyond description for you.
I can use the NT language, the semantics, and explain it Theologically, but, its so much greater than words could ever express.

Look at this..

God took the Blood and Death of Jesus, and forgave all your Sin.
All of it., as if you have never sinned.
God took the blood of Jesus and made all your sin whiter then snow.
Cleaner then clean..
As if you've never sinned.

Look at this verse.. 2 Corinthians 5:19.

This verse is a "PRAISE GOD, THANK YOU JESUS" verse that you need to understand and believe every second of your life.
This verse says, that God was down here as Jesus, and through the Cross, He has made it possible for you to never again be charged for sin.
= That is indescribable Mercy.

Romans 4:8

Have you ever wondered why the born again meet God as Father, and not as Eternal JUDGE?
Its because the Cross of Christ has dealt with ALL your sin.
All of it.
Christ has become your SIN BEARER, for eternity, 2000 yrs ago on the Cross.
And you have become "justified by faith", and "the righteousness of God" "In Christ".

God has placed all your sin on JESUS, on the CROSS< and Taken Jesus's Righteousness and has given it to you, = if you are born again.
The instant you believed in Christ.
That very instant, God took the Righteousness of Christ, His Literal Righteousness, and gave it to you, as... "THE GIFT of Righteousness".

Are you born again???? , then you are the "righteousness of God, in Christ", now and forever.

When did this start??
From the moment that you first believed in Jesus, until forever.
This righteousness that is found as "spiritual union with God and Christ", is EVERLASTING.
This "Gift of Righteousness" that God has given you because you took Christ into your heart by FAITH.... one time.... lasts as long as God LIVES.

So, who are you , if you are born again?

A.) You are "the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD......in Christ".

For how long? = Forever and ever and ever.

This is what it means to have become a Son/Daughter of God, ... born again..... as a "new Creation in Christ".
You have been given Christ's Righteousness, as a Everlasting GIFT.

And you say......"but im not always perfect".

And the answer is...... The Righteousness of God, that you have become... is always perfect, and you have become it, ... = God gave it to you, if you are born again.
Its everlasting Righteousness.
Its eternal.
Its God's eternal Gift to you, because you TRUSTED IN CHRIST.
Remember that day? God remembers it for as long as He lives.
Believe it.

Welcome to your SALVATION.
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