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The Temporalscope: Science Confirms Bible Claims

Discussion in 'Eschatology & Prophecy Forum' started by Rapture and End Times, Aug 2, 2020.

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    Through Biblical archaeology, science has been confirming the historical claims of the Holy Bible. Thousands of discoveries of archaeology since the mid-1800s have demonstrated the reliability and plausibility of the Bible narrative. The Temporalscope: Science Confirms Bible Claims
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    Beyond that, science could be the dangerous thing to deceiving people of the existence of God. If current technology of brain imaging (CT-scan) and brain translator is widely used in every aspect of our lives then we are no longer can discern the real presence of God and the hologram of Jesus that created from those brain imaging technology.
    In the future this technology can kills religion, and bible can be misinterpreted with their own agenda for their own interests. How to distinguish the voice from God and the voice from jammer ?
    As our current reality today are bloated with mind reading rumour and issues of psychological warfare, is that from religious people or from technology ?
    Only people who were experiencing God can distinguish them, but how about our children in the future ?
    They could be mislead by them who abuse this technology.

    - Neurotechnology - Wikipedia
    - NeuroTechX - NeuroTechX
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