Time occurs, in the space provided for God's Spirit - no space provided for God's Spirit, no time (discuss).

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

So I guess it behoves me to set out why it is that refusing to give God's Spirit space, is not wrong. Refusing to give God's Spirit space, is not wrong: if you all the work of the Holy Spirit to be finished. The point is, if you haven't given God's Spirit space, you should wait until you have done - this is by the power of the Holy Spirit. So then, having waited, do we know that God's Spirit is filling the space that we gave it? We do by faith! The outcropping of scripture, points to the overflow that occurs when we have given God's Spirit space. What kind of space should we be giving, though?

Firstly, we should be giving God's Spirit space, in our heart. Our heart determines our focus, our strength our spirit. If these things are established in God, we are able to do with our time, all things. All things done with our time, we are also able to provide more space. In other words we are able to feed on the Word of God and drink the Spirit of God's Word. This begins to establish us in our conscience, if we give God's Spirit space in our conscience, we are able to discern what space is necessary for God to grow in strength in us, and what space is ancillary to the growth of God's spirit. We have faith that we will be saved, but we don't have faith that we ought to join every Church there is - we just don't have space for that! How should we encourage others to give God's Spirit space, though?

Encouraging others to give God's Spirit space, comes down to being in touch with the Spirit of God ourselves: if we have a deep timely connection with God, we are able to serve Him in many ways, one of which is translating the work of God, for those that don't have faith enough to give God more space than they already have. Everyone at some point contemplates giving God space, what it takes is recognizing the Spirit that is at work, in the space that has been given. God will wait! If you can show that more space for God is a good thing, you will be able to establish why giving space to God's Spirit is a better thing. God's Spirit can use all space, but the space that is used to eliminate that which offends God's righteousness. What offends God's righteousness?

The works of the Devil offend God's righteousness. The works of the Devil take space away from God and fill our hearts with conceit, we must pray and confess our sin that we avoid this - if we can do that, we can get the space back and God's Spirit can begin to work again, and His having space, will give us time. We don't necessarily get a specific amount of time, for the space that we give, but we get God and that makes it worthwhile. But how do you get more space, if you are running out (and its out of our control)?

The best thing we can do is ask God to create more space, in which He can dwell.

I hope this has been of some blessing.
God bless.