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3 dreams of being anointed

By Israel C · Dec 20, 2019 · ·
  1. Alright so I’ll start by saying this, these dreams happened less than two weeks ago. During the week at noon or so I was praying because I was doubting if my marriage was blessed by God or not and I also prayed for other things that where on my mind. After I was done praying I ended up getting a little tired and I took a nap. It was during this nap that I had these dreams. The first one I had was me and my wife were walking to a church and as we walked in I saw her parents sitting in the middle of the church and my wife went and sat with them and I sat all the way in the front ( well second bench next to the first one ). As I sat down a pastor and I think there was a priest there as well, kind of was complaining that no one got married anymore but I told him me and my wife are married because I think he thought we weren’t ( we are married in real life by law ) and so he said “you are?” and I said yeah. As he began to preach or give a sermon, I interrupted him and I stood up and I told him “why don’t you bless us and pray over us” and so he called us up to the front and smeared oil or poured oil on our heads and he wrote something on our foreheads and so I woke up from that nap and I went back to sleep because I was still not ready to get up. The second dream I had after I went back to my nap was that I was inside of some store or gas station like a chevron and as I was standing there some older man came up to me and gave me a basket of some sort and filled with much corn (kernels) and I can’t recall if someone poured oil inside of it and mixed it with the corn or if it was like that already, but it was a mix of a lot of corn and oil mixed together in a basket, then someone went on to say “put your new child inside here” or something along those lines and then I woke up. Days pass and I take another nap, but this time I’m in the city that I was born in or it seemed like it was but someone came up to me and put that red vestment (robe) with the white part around the neck area that they use for ceremonies to make someone king through the church and after it was put on me, someone else poured or rubbed oil on my head and face or forehead and after this had happened I looked in the mirror and my hair was a little shorter than what it is now and I can see the oil on my head and forehead and then I woke up. The reason I’m even asking for advice as to what it could mean it’s because it involves oil in all of them and these dreams happened pretty much in the span of 5 days. Thanks again. And by the way this year of my life has been the most spiritual for me, and I expect this year coming up to be even more connected to God, all I think about is the Lord sometimes, a lot of praying and fasting this year for me. I only bring it up to put my life in context.
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  1. farouk
    Hi; I would pay a lot more attention to what the Word of God says directly, than to what I may think my dreams say or mean.

    Ephesians 2.8-9 contains an important framework for faith.

    God bless you and your wife.
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