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Bible Students and Seventh Day Adventist, Part 44

By Harvest 1874 · Aug 30, 2021 ·
  1. We continue with,

    The Millennium and the End of Sin

    We continue with our look at Rev 20:1-3 as explained by Brother Frank Shallieu.

    VERSE 2 and 3 He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years; and he cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal on him, so that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished. But after these things he must be released for a little while.”

    Satan’s Spoils

    Not only is it important to note that Satan must first be bound before his goods are spoiled, but the termspoilneeds to be defined. The common perception is that it signifies the disruption, smashing, and destruction of Satan’s kingdom. The true meaning of the Greek diarpazo, which is not to be confused with Webster’s definition in English, is to snatch away thoroughly, to take possession of one’s goods. That these goods or spoils cannot be Satan’s institutions or systems of error, but must refer to something worthwhile, will now be proven.

    In the concluding verses of Revelation 19, the false religious systems (beast and false prophet) and the kings of the earth, or this cosmos, are seen as already slain; and in Revelation 20 the binding of Satan is portrayed as a subsequent event—yet thehouseis not even entered until the Adversary is first bound.

    In this setting (Matt. 12:29; Luke 11:21,22; Mark 3:27), thehouserefers to Satan’s citadel or center of control in earth’s circumambient atmosphere whence, amidst his fellow demons, he has successfully influenced and manipulated earth’s affairs. This domain or principality of power is to be cleansed and occupied by earth’s rightful invisible (“the world sees me no more”—John 14:19) ruler, Jesus, and his associates, thus constituting anew heavens and a new earth” (2 Pet. 3:13). In summation: both the house and the goods are TAKEN AS A SPOIL AND ARE NOT DESTROYED!


    What is the thought of dividing the spoils?


    When a victor divides the spoils, he takes those things that are valuable and discards the rest as refuse (Isa. 9:3). In warfare the victors take the enemy’s weapons, money, equipment, and so forth. True, the Lord already owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psa. 50:10) and does not need material possessions, but He wants to rescue the people, those who will ultimately be His children, who are a part of these goods. Satan’s religious, civil, and political institutions, as well as his organized vice and racketeer overlords, will all be replaced. In the next age the same modus operandi will be used; the mechanics of Jesus’ reign will be quite similar except that he will rule with righteousness. And instead of enticing men to evil, Jesus will exhort, instruct, and discipline men to do good. He will deal with the world through an earthly and a spiritual priesthood; the Ancient Worthies will be princes throughout the earth, and the Church class will reign with him in heaven. Jerusalem, not Rome, will be earth’s religious capital. Satan usurped the earth, and Jesus will take over the earth, part of Satan’s illegitimate goods.

    Therefore, will I [Jehovah] divide him [Jesus] a portion with the great [ones], and he [Jesus] shall divide the spoil with the strong [the overcoming Church and fellow heirs of the Kingdom]” (Isa. 53:12).

    Continued with next post.

    About Author

    Harvest 1874
    I am and have been a Bible Student now for over 30 years ever since the day the Lord so graciously called me out of darkness into his marvelous light. To Him be the honor and glory forever. Everyday I thank Him for the privilege of working in His "vineyard".


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