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Bible Study through Q&A

By BibleStu · Jul 8, 2021 ·
  1. Hello everyone, I'm totally new here (as of July 2021). Let me explain what I am up to with this "Q and A" as you'll see on the Bible study board.

    To be honest, I started a Bible study on my own, but after a couple months, I felt the Lord telling me I needed to find a home with some like-minded students of the Bible. I thought about finding people at local churches, but I frankly didn't test those waters very far, just because what I want to do is for the very few. This sort of hard-core Bible study is closer to what happens at seminaries, and isn't often seen at churches (though sometimes it is, I know).

    See, I plan to go through the Bible over the course of 6+ years, a chapter every 2-3 days, reading it in several translations, formulating study questions and questions I have about it, writing answers as best I can (while looking at cross-references and really studying the text), and then reading a few commentaries (and updating the answers, as I always do).

    The result reads like a Bible commentary compiled in "Q&A" format, but let me clarify that I submit these as the non-authoritative study notes of a humble student of the Bible, nothing more.

    What would I most like to see here?

    I would most like to see other people getting engaged with the Bible with me, with the problems and puzzles raised, correcting me, offering better possible answers, suggesting related scriptures I missed, raising other important questions I missed. I plan to rewrite answers I post here based on feedback I get. I might steal your ideas (hope you don't mind) if you give me other ideas. Hope to make friends in Jesus here, too.

    If I seem to be causing trouble, or if I just don't get much feedback, I'll leave quietly and seek other avenues.

    I have no formal training Bible or theology, but I do in other subjects, so that would explain the sometime "academic" tone of this project.

    As to my approach, I am a Bible believer, but I am not giving up my academic training, either. I am not interested in liberal academic methods and frameworks like the Documentary Hypothesis, but I do greatly respect scholarship and especially that of actual believers. I believe I am in the process of being saved, and I am probably closest to the Reformed camp.

    Genesis 1
    Genesis 2
    Genesis 3
    Genesis 4


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