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God’s Kingdom Quietly Removes Its Enemies since 1919....

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    God’s Kingdom Quietly Removes Its Enemies since 1919....
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    Prophecies point to the 'timing' of the coming days as a Day of Vindication of Jehovah's Name. There are two years within Jehovah's Organization that can give us insight to the timing of the coming Vindication. Knowing these dates do not give anyone divine protection or superpowers. Matter of fact, knowing such dates and understanding them can make one more accountable to Jehovah. Serving Jehovah with a Full Heart no matter what date comes and goes should be our Priority.

    If you followed and read articles I have written in the past, you well know about the years 1914 and 2034. But those are not the two years I am speaking about. The two dates I am speaking about are the ones that certain events occurred within God's organization here on the earth. (1919 and 1935) Those on the outside will result in (Revelation 22:15) as the 'allotted time limits' come to their end.