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How to recover hacked snapchat account?

  1. Blog Description

    Snapchat has become a sensitive application for the immediate generation and all. Because it contains confidential photos and messages. If somehow your Snapchat account was hacked by someone. No need to panic and no need to create a new Snapchat account just follow my steps, given below:
    Scenario 1: if the phone number and email are the same.
    1. Open Snapchat and click on the login button
    2. Then click on the forgot password.
    3. Enter your phone and email id
    4. Enter the OTP you will receive through phone and click on the link which will be received through email id.
    5. after filling OTP or Clicking on the link. Set your new password and you will get full access to your account one more time.
    Scenario 2: if the Phone number and email have been changed.
    1. Go to Snapchat Support.
    2. Click on the report
    3. Then click on the report a safety concern.
    For more detailed information click on my post.
    Read more: http://getassist.net/how-to-recover-hacked-snapchat-account/