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  1. Hebrews 3:6 - "Whose house we are, if we hold fast our boldness and the glorying of our hope firm unto the end."

    Many believers, who for a time run well, get so entangled in the business or the pleasure of life, the literature, or the politics, or the friendships of the world, that all the life and the power of their profession is lost.

    They do not understand that they must always walk by faith (in God's CALLING on their life) -- that every day and every hour nothing can help us but a clear, definite, habitual faith in God's power and working, as the only possibility of growth and progress.

    The powers of sin and Satan, of the world and the flesh, are so great, only the believer who is bold and glories in his hope upon what God will do will have strength to resist them. Only the believer who has learned to be BOLD with God, and to Gory in Him -- that faith becomes a joy, and hope is a GLORYING in God, that he can be more than a conqueror.


    What is God's PURPOSE for my life?

    What is God calling me to do TODAY?

    What action am I taking right NOW?

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