Scripture of The Day – May 25, 2022

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The Holy Spirit desires you to live daily in the fullness of the Lord so that Jesus will receive glory and honor through His great power working in and through you. Jesus said to the Father, “As You sent Me, Father, send them!” (John 20:21).

God will empower you, just as He did Jesus, to walk out the fullness of your DESTINY, with that same unlimited anointing of the Holy Spirit! (John 3:34). This fullness is available to every believer, for we have inherited the blessing and privilege to know the mysteries, secrets, and thoughts of God (Rom 8:16).


◊ Learn how to awaken every day in a fresh anointing and live as an overcomer.

◊ Ask, knock and seek until you come to understand and start carrying out your calling in Christ so you can bear fruit that remains for God’s Kingdom.

◊ Understand how to ascend new realms of God's purpose for your life by operating out of the fullness of your Christ identity.

◊ Learn how to move and flow in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit!

◊ Learn how to live out of a deep place of maturity of the Holy Spirit and develop the mature stature of Christ in you!

◊ Develop a heart for equipping others in their spiritual walk by discipling them one-on-one.

◊ Enter into a deeper level of pressing into Him.

◊ Partake of the mysteries of the Kingdom.

◊ Learn how to move in the breaker anointing.

◊ Learn how to demonstrate the Spirit of the Lord through your life not in word only, but in a demonstration of the Spirit that will cause people to declare that surely God is with you.

◊ Learn how to tap into the endless supply of fresh oil!

◊ Learn how to move into the breakthroughs for the future.

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