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Numbers 6:24-26

By JesusLovesYou · Nov 28, 2020 · ·
  1. “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” 

    We always say that we are blessed when things go "right", but not when they go "wrong". We tend to interpret one thing or another as "blessing" in our own terms rather wait to see what happens in the long run. It is always easier to see after coming out of a trial how God worked, but for that, one needs patience and not be quick to say that the trial is over as soon as some positive results come out. It is good to watch God work and thank Him for the way He works, but it is best to let Him watch finish the the work He started and not be quick to say that He is done working

    Moreover, the real blessings show when one not only starts telling about the way God has worked so far, but also has the courage to prove by his actions that God made a change. Those actions come from a different attitude than before which people recognize as unusually positive. As long as one keeps to himself God's blessings, he will never see the greater blessings God wants for him, which are the result of telling others how God has worked and the impact this has on them. God blessed us so He can bless others, and He let His face shine so there's can see His light. May God richly bless us and shine His face on us.


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  1. 2nd Timothy Group
    "We always say that we are blessed when things go "right", but not when they go "wrong"."

    Absolutely. The most incredible Blessing that I've been given here on earth, other than receiving the Holy Operation of God, is that I have lost every . . . single . . . family member and all friends from my meaningful past. Does it hurt? Oh man . . . yeah . . . it does. But what I have gained from this promised future is the assurance that I am in fact a Child of God.

    I am so thankful and so grateful! Now, I will wait for the Lord to restore "things," and I wouldn't be surprised if He restores those relationships one day. :)
    1. JesusLovesYou
      The Lord bless you and keep you, and be sure He will restore everything; I have seen it. Just let God do the work as you trust Him
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