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Prayer- July 5th

By Mayflower · Jul 5, 2019 · ·
  1. Father, I feel a bit torn tonight. I guess I should try to remain discreet on here, but I know I can pray better when I type. My soul is involved as well as my spirit. But I am hurting a bit on things said from people I love. And hurt she feels she doesn't know me, when they are like family to me. I know this is the right decision. When there is no doubt in my mind, I better go where You say go. I know I fought You a long time on visiting. I thought this would happen. But I trust You. I praise You for going with me and now sending my husband with me too. I thank You for showing me his heart. And thank You that I am getting closer to my husband. I was scared when I was told this could effect my marriage going to another church and hurting my spiritual walk with God... But it is the exact opposite. Satan will use any means to try and cause me to stumble, but I believe in You. I believe You are working. You already have been showing up in big ways. Thank You for what You are going to do through this experience. I love You with my entire heart and thank You when I feel broken, You are here to heal it. In Jesus Name, Amen. 0704192152.jpg
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  1. farouk
  2. farouk
    PS: You guys in the picture look very happy...
  3. farouk
    Great if you guys will be able to read the Word together at home.
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