Sought Out For Promotion

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Promotion and Favor Is Your Portion

I hear the Lord saying you have been in a season of preparation. You were not being overlooked, you were being prepared. The Lord says it was not whether or not you could do the job, but He also had to test your heart. Your gift will make room for you in this hour (see Proverbs 18:16), and you will be sought out for promotion. You will be sought out because of the presence of the Lord in your life, and because of the wisdom that the Lord has given you to provide solutions for others. You will be sought out by people of great esteem and in high places. David was sought out by Samuel to be promoted to be king above his brothers (see 1 Samuel 16:1-13). Rebekah was sought out by Abraham’s servant to become the wife of the seed of promise, Isaac (see Genesis 24). Joseph was sought out by the king of Egypt to interpret his dreams that no one else could interpret (see Genesis 41:14-15). His gift made room for him, and brought him from the prison to the palace. However, it wasn’t Joseph’s gift alone that led to his promotion. It was his heart. It was his integrity. Joseph was tested, and could be trusted with the high-level promotion that was being released to him because he passed the test. Joseph became second in command in Egypt because favor opened a door for him that no man could shut (see Genesis 41:38-44). In this season, you will not have to try to promote yourself. All you will have to do is be faithful and diligent. Remember, promotion comes from God (see Psalm 75:6-7). It is the Lord is the one who controls the heart of the king, and He can cause the right people to favor you so that He can get you to the place that He has ordained for you to be (see Proverbs 21:1). Decree over your life: “I am being sought out for promotion. I am being sought out for favor”.

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