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    You use your Heavenly body to work; if you don't work, you fall to Earth - not that falling to Earth doesn't give you rest, but it doesn't empower you

    Hi there, So from the title of this thread, you should already be able to work out that they purpose in Heaven is to empower. The joy you get from serving the Lord, is from serving, and while waiting on the Lord serves, the Lord is not always there. If the Lord is not there, you need to be...
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    If God can strike the Shepherd and have the sheep scattered, the Sheep-dog can unite the sheep and not be phased by the Devil's attacks? (choice?)

    Hi there, So Jesus quoted a verse from the old testament to His disciples (gospels) "I will strike the Shepherd and the sheep will be scattered", but what you may not have considered, is that this can be reinterpreted from a different angle. Test this in the Holy Spirit and see if it makes...
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    Every faith is softened, every past is a little blocked (ready handed?)

    Hi there, So I wanted to talk a little briefly about faith and the past. The thing we know about faith, is that it is incredibly, incredibly strong. If I have faith, I can move a mountain, as Jesus said. On the other hand, we learn that God can harden the heart of people without faith. Take...
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    A lot of God's Will is preventative - "if they build the tower of Babel, there is nothing they won't be able to do" (Gen 11:6)

    Hi there, So there are times when God's prevention is obvious: the people of Noah's day, Sodom and Gomorrah, Achan. But a lot of times God's prevention is a lot more subtle: if you had got on that plane you'd be dead, Joseph fed his family during famine, if you hadn't been schizophrenic you...
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    The world cycles through happy times and sad times, is this spitting in the wind? (Solomon?)

    Hi there, So, just like El Nino and La Nina, there is a pattern of behaviour throughout the world. This pattern, at its peak is greatly shared happiness and at its trough is privately withheld sadness. This is our humanity. The same is true of our relationship with the Lord: sometimes we are...
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    If you love the Church, no matter what: your resurrection will mean to you the most that it can do (hoping?)

    Hi there, So, just a simple thought for you to consider: if you love the Church no matter what, your resurrection will mean the most that it can do. In other words, you will have the essence of a perfect life. A perfect life can reach anywhere, do anything, center however it desires. All these...
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    It is important not to try to take territory from the anti-christ - just as God does not use the chisel to sever the wood from the lathe (center?)

    Hi there, So in respect of the anti-christ, what believers typically do is locate some verse in the Bible that says "this is who he is" as if knowing who he is is a defence against him encroaching on the world. The problem comes when we try to inhabit the same world as the anti-christ. If we...
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    The first thing that God creates (in the womb) is the *Spirit*, then comes the flesh (remember?)

    Hi there, So we are all children of God, right? And what does that mean, but that we are heirs of spirit? And why? Because we were created as spirit-beings from the very outset and thus understand that all things of God have a spiritual significance. Does this empower us? Yes, but it also...
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    Help! I've worked out how to corrupt the world, but I don't want them to know how to make things worse? (angry?)

    Hi there, So I've worked out, through careful attention to what the world values, two areas where the world could be more corrupt but is not. But I don't want to let on! I would rather go to my grave with my secret, than be responsible for the world's decay and corruption. It's like working out...
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    I'm praying that the Holy Spirit would come to my Church (joining?)

    Hi there, So I have to confess, that I actually saw the Holy Spirit come to my Church - but I didn't recognise Him until after He had left. Sorry. Now I am begging God that He come back, so that I can talk with Him (learn from Him). I figure the best thing I can do, is pray that He comes back...
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    The rapture has already started (on Earth). Paul Washer, the first of the faithful to be raptured to Christ (still?)

    Hi there, I believe the Rapture has reached Earth. I previously had a dream of my grandmother being raptured to the Lord, but didn't know what it meant. Now however, I looked in the Holy Spirit where Paul Washer was and I couldn't see him! He is waiting for the Church to join Christ, in the...
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    Lucifer is herding people to the Cross, without Jesus - will you fight with those around you? (mean?)

    Hi there, So in Revelation it is said that Satan will be let out of the pit, for a little while, to gather the nations to war. But the History of Lucifer is not mentioned. My belief is that Lucifer has already been locked up in the pit 300 AD and has from 1800 AD been released to push the...
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    To serve the World, your tone must be most of the deciding factor (sound?)

    Hi there, So much like the silver line ("partially right, most of the time, is moral") the idea behind having the right tone, is something that can help us maintain a moral life with others. If we have the wrong tone, it is likely that we will forget the expectations of others and we ourselves...
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    Previous generations, have been summarized by us - we *also* will be summarized, by generations that come after us! (looking?)

    Hi there, So Solomon says at length "as it was, so shall it be" (in Ecclesiastes) and Christ Himself says "this generation shall not pass away, until all these things are fulfilled" (gospels, from memory) - what is it, that happens from generation to generation, if we both come to be and...
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    God's design is so complicated, it prevents you from knowing it all (lost?)

    Hi there, So look, I've thought long and hard about all the systems that play a part in the body of a creature designed by God and the conclusion I have reached: is that it is impossible, to know it all. There are just so many systems integrated into one another, that no one system explains...
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    God has given me a streak of genius, I cannot hold His Praise back!

    Yes, indeed, God has given me a streak of genius, there is no way in Heaven or Hell, that I could hold His Praise back! I am not better than other people, nor do I have a mean streak, I am simply gifted with a measure of genius, that I treasure like gold - because it is from the Lord! We all...
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    As will be lesser faith, over a longer period of time, God will be greatly pleased (focusing?)

    Hi there, So I just wanted to set out a doctrinal issue, that some of you may have thought about and others not. Basically, I don't have the faith that Christians have. I am not saying their faith is wrong, I am saying "their faith is a greater expression, of God, than anything I have". I have...
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    I saw a partial vision, of the Spirit of God's Wisdom, swirling above me (worship?)

    Hi there, So, I just had the partial vision of the Spirit of God's Wisdom, swirling above me (like an aura borealis, but one colour) - and I just had to share! I wonder where the Spirit will lead? Yours truly, Chris
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    It's possible to get a second wind, while fasting - you are able to enjoy the benefits of fasting, long before you are finished (fasting?)

    Hi there, So I did a little stint, where I tried to fast and found I could only stand it, for about three days. Then I discovered I could fast much longer, if I just allowed myself to have a little amount of sustenance on the side. Then I realised I was addicted to junk food and that I would...
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    Here's another likeable thread: what is it, that you want the Holy Spirit to take from Christ and give to you the most? (thinking?)

    Hi there, So this is really going to inspire me, I'm sure of it: what is it, that you want for the Holy Spirit to take from Christ and give to you, the most? It could be anything; I don't want to prejudice the answers here - but I know there will be hot and cold answers (hopefully more cold)...