A believing soul….

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Not me

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May 8, 2019
California, Ca.
United States
John 15:18 (NASB20)
“If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you.

Why will the world hate one…?

That would be because God sent the law which is the knowledge of righteousness and truth through Moses…. Then in the course of time, God sent the ability to keep the law into this world through His Son… That would be the ability to do righteousness and truth came into this world through the free gift of His Son’s life poured out for all….

The ‘ability to do righteousness and truth’, this is a pretty tall statement to make, one must be able to prove such an awesome statement that would have such far reaching implications….

Scripture says ‘he that has died is free from sin’, this statement is the proof of the above statement, (for as Christian’s we believe scripture to be true), which truth Christ accomplished on the cross by taking all to death with Him…. For Christ did come to bring, that is to manifest righteousness and truth in real time in the believer’s life… Getting rid of all of the old creation is the only way to manifest righteousness and truth, this Christ did by taking all to death on the cross with Him…. This is why Paul was accused of preaching a Gospel of ‘let us do evil that good may come’ by some, because they could not comprehend what Paul was preaching when he said ‘those that have been joined with Christ in His death have been freed from sin’…..

Because this truth is the crux of being set free from sin by faith, ‘he that has died is freed from sin’…. Believing into this truth is the work all Christian’s are called to believe, for it is the truth Christ brings to experience in the lives of all those that would so want to be freed from sin that they would gladly embrace their death with Christ by faith…. For scripture says ‘the just shall live by faith’….

If it is true one can not overcome one’s fallen nature by oneself, then if Christ did really and truly come to bring righteousness and truth, accessing this righteousness and truth would be the salvation offered, that then would be the free gift that is received through faith…. That is, to the one that would be willing to cling to, believe into, trust God in one’s heart of hearts the truth of the Gospel; that when Jesus died the believing soul died with Him that that one might walk in newness of life in the present….

This is why the world will hate the believing soul, because the believing soul will manifest righteousness and truth, for it is righteousness and truth the world hates… For it being to the degree one manifests righteousness and truth to that degree will one be hated by the world, for it is the new life that is that life that contrasts the evil that is in the world…

Be blessed in being, a believing soul, Not me