Day 33 Of The Omer Count To Pentecost

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Dec 14, 2009
United States
Monday 5-27-24 2nd. Day Of The Weekly Cycle, Iyar 18 5784 70th. Spring Day

Humility in Humility, Psalm 130:1-8; Psalm 19:1

Everyone has humility and modesty in their hearts, the question is the measure and manner in which one
consciously feels it. Am I afraid to be too humble?

Do I mask and protect my modesty with aggressive behavior? Humility must also be examined for its genuineness. Is my humility humble? Or is it yet another expression of arrogance?

Do I take too much pride in my humility? Do I flaunt it? Is it self-serving? Is my humility part of a crusade or is it genuine?

Exercise for the day: Be humble just for its own sake.

Love, Walter And Debbie