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Demons Must be Cast Out - Demons that Assault the Skin in a Variety of Ways

Discussion in 'Unorthodox Doctrine Forum' started by AlertChristians, Dec 9, 2018.

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    Demons Must be Cast Out - Demons that Assault the Skin in a Variety of Ways

    Matthew 10:8
    Luke 10:17
    Matthew 28:19-20

    Succubus or Incubus demons function in part through the nervous system and skin.

    Some of the ways they assault nerves and skin follow.

    - burning the skin from underneath of it

    - causing tickle-like sensations

    - pulsing or fast vibrations under a small area of skin

    - causing an irritating sensation as they interact with the skin from under the skin

    - pulling things to the skin like small insects and particulates out of the air to the skin, eyes, nostrils

    - causing small diameter pulsing, for example, pulsing about the size of the head of a pin, through the mucus membrane inside the nose

    - drying out skin, cracking of skin, pruning (wrinkling) of skin on fingers, cuts in skin

    - athletes foot, ringworm, jock itch, and likely other skin afflictions

    Succubus/incubus demons interact with what a person thinks, says, or does. In me, they will afflict the left side of my body to communicate no or disapproval, and my right side for yes or approval.

    These demons can develop in a person to be life threatening, debilitating, flesh eating, parasitic, living off of skin, flesh, and whatever they filter out of blood. They are demons, evil spirits interacting with the physical world. They are the bane of mankind, causing a wide variety of common and uncommon ailments, sicknesses, conditions, and manifestations. I only listed a few of the things they do with the skin.

    I reason succubus/incubus demons are the most numerous type of demons. Nearly everyone has this type of demon inside of them, and likely many of them. They can strengthen over time and possible reproduce or replicate inside the body. Also, more of them may enter a person's body.

    They are the big money makers for the healthcare industry. There is a worldwide coverup concerning demons, and succubus/incubus demons in particular. And that's because Satan's kingdom is so vast and his servants so numerous. These are not the same demons commonly characterized online as appearing outside of a person.

    I have been casting this type of demon out of myself for 7+ months because they were so numerous. I can tell there are less of them in me now because the symptoms they caused are far less now. I am much better at casting them out of myself, self deliverance. Once I get demons cast out of myself, I plan on casting demons out of others and serving the Lord in a much higher capacity.

    I have audio and video recordings published on my Vimeo channel to help others learn how to cast these demons out of themselves.

    My Vimeo channel:
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