Disciples of Christ version of the Bible

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Karl Peters

Well-Known Member
May 18, 2021
United States
I am pleased to announce the release of the Disciples of Christ version of the Holy bible, found in the link below

100% apostolic

Disciples of Christ

"100% apostolic" ?????????????????????????????????????

What does that mean?????????????

Sounds like a silly commercial!

I used to own a Christian bookstore, and of course I got to see numerous advertisements concerning both Christian books and Bibles. Of course that is expected, but with Bibles I really liked a better understanding of what, how, why, and why now - concerning the Bibles. And honestly, most of the major Bible publishers could and would give you some information on those questions. In gact Zondervan put out what I considered to be an excellent resource concerning the major bibles available. It had most of the current isbn (international standard book numbers) for the current published Bibles, but also had other good information, like a ranking as to how "word to word: the translation was. Sometimes the best translation might not be a "word to word" translation, and in fact really only the inter-linear translations really attempted to be "word for word" translations. And considering the nature of the information we have concerning old copies and pieces of old copies, even having a inter-linear translation is not really correct - simply because so much has to be determined as to what old piece of script are you going to use.

Now for this reason and many many others, we all need to seek the Lord and listen to the words He has to say to us for ourselves!!

So again, What does "100 % apostolic" mean?

Perhaps it means that some incredible current Apostal heard the Lord translate the whole Bible to him and wrote it down?

But how does that go with the Scripture explaining we all know in part?

1 Cor 13:19 For we know in part and we prophesy in part;

Well other translations explain that idea is wrong!!

To me - if you are going to put out another translation, you need to answer at least the obvious questions, and explain the things like "what, how, why, and why now"!

Let me help with examples:

The what might include what language you are translating to. Note that we have translations like the New American Bible (NAB), New American Standard Bible (NASB), and English Standard Verson (ESV) - The NAB is a Catholic Bible made for Catholics who speak American, as opposed to the (NASB) which is made for Protestants who speak American, whereas the (ESV) in for people speaking English (which is pretty much the same as American but not exactly, right. So different translations were made. So what is the audience you are going after? Is it just a group called "Disciples of Christ", so it is a different group than the Catholics and Protestants?

I have to tell you that I am not too interested in relatively small recent groups who go around trying to make a translation just of them. But I also have to say that I have a Greek Orthodox Translation which I find interesting. A history of Christianity takes us back way back to a time when the church of Rome split off from the eastern Greek church. Not long afterwards Rome was sacked and conquered. It took a while longer for the Constantinople to start switching to Istanbul. It always made me wonder if the older Greek church might have at one time been closer to the Lord than the church in Rome. Still, I don't attend either. I attend an independent Charismatic church, but I would wonder about the church I attended if they started making their own translation and saying that their translation was: "100% apostolic". If they did it would occur to me that they were being rather silly in their advertising or else they have gotten seriously into pride, as to think that now 2000 later - God finally gave us the one true 100 % apostolic translation. Where was the Lord for that last 2000 years? After all, I do know where the Lord has been for the last 20 years - He has been talking to me personally! The first words He told me were, "Read Your Bible", so He did not tell me, "Karl I am going to give you a Bible to write down that I will need you to read'. He seemed fine with the translation I had, and like I mentioned, He later had me open and run a Bible bookstore, and He seemed fine with the normal Christian translations I sold there. I will tell you that He did have a problem with some writings some people claimed were from Him, but they were not the normal Christian translations! The NAB, NASB, EVS, and so on were all fine for Him to use for teaching me personally.

And as for being an Apostle - it means a sent one - right?

So is a book a person who can be sent - as in a sent one.

Are you calling that Bible a sent one - thinking that it is a person???

Perhaps you should be pointing people to Jesus Christ and explaining that His word is near you, as in the Holy Spirit speaking to our spirit inside us??

That way we can have apostles (people) actually being sent out per the instructions of the Lord.