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Jan 27, 2024
Mojave Desert
United States
This year 2021 I accepted Jesus as savior And I am disabled from birth . My first language is Marathi.I came here to find information about the Holy Spirit.I give the good news that The Holy Spirit appeared to me .

I don't know what my Christian denomination is, I know very little about Christianity, I was a Hindu but I love Christianity so much that I saw on the internet that Jesus died for sin. Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, I can't go to church.

I don't understand some English words of the Bible.
I know some words of this holy bible. But I don't understand in English. I read a little, I use google translate or online

I can read, write and speak Marathi as my mother tongue.

But can read a few words of English but can not speak and write. That is, grammar cannot be written with hands.
This is an excellent place to get Bibles in many languages from. I see they have them in Marathi. I hope this helps. Marathi Bible » Multi-Language Media