I suppose the whole world could not contain.

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Karl Peters

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May 18, 2021
United States
Jn 21:25 And there are also many other things which Jesus did, which if they *were written in detail, I suppose that even the world itself *would not contain the books that *would be written.

I have been writing a number of testimonies in order to get people to talk to Him more and also give them more faith that He is actually there for them. Yet I have not even scratches the surface of that testimonies that I have about Him. The Christian life should be a walk with Jesus Christ (God). As such things happen which you can talk about (testimonies) Indeed, after walking with Him for over twenty years now, there are way too many testimonies to write down. The verse Jn 21:25 best describes how it is writing about Him.

Most of the testimonies I gave happened in just the first couple of years, and even those were only a minor few. I didn't write about being taken our of my body and Him asking me if I thought He could take me anywhere He wanted. I was looking at the top of my head and if He could certainly take me there He could certainly take anywhere He wanted. That was after I got fired from the job I had when He came into my life and on the very day I later got the job offer for my next job.

I also didn't write about how He woke my up very early on Father's day morning and the Holy Spirit appeared as a greenish colored cloud that turned into the face of a lady and kissed me on the forehead. I had been going through a divorce when He came into my life and I was spending my first Father's day without my kids. I needed the love He had for my at that time.

Nor did I mention the next Father's day when I went to open the Christian bookstore He had me running for Him only to find a homeless man waiting in front of the store. That homeless man came in, asked me for a picture of my kids and drew me the nicest large picture of my kids. God had sent me an excellent artist, that homeless man, to give me a big hand drawn picture of my kids as a Father's day gift.

And those too were in the first very few years of knowing Him. So I certainly don't have time to write about the the five years He had me spend in the Christian healing ministry about a decade after He came into my life. I still remember the time when a lady came in how was going to have heart surgery the next day and the Lord healed her so they had to call of the heart surgery. I can't begin to write about all the backs, shoulders, legs, stomachs, and so on that the Lord healed there. And still for me I liked it best when we got people to hear that small voice for the first time in their life. That is really what changes them.

I remember when an elderly lady came in who had been a Christian and church secretary for about 39 years. The Lord healed her shoulder, which was why she came in, then had us lead her into hearing from Him via the small voice of His for the very first time in her life. She was so very happy, and more so about hearing from Him, which she had heard others talk about at church but had never heard His voice for herself, than she was about having her shoulder healed by Him.

God is still doing miracles! One busy night in that ministry one of the leaders in that ministry wound up praying for seven different people and saw seven different people get a miracle healing from the Lord. There are just too many things to write about, but the reason for writing is that people should come to know the Son. That is the work of God.

He is worth knowing and He stands at the door and knocks and if anyone (even Today) hears His voice and opens the door, He will come into them and eat with them and them with Him. So if anyone is an anyone, even if they have heard from Him before, they can again open up to Him and spend time conversing with Him - Jesus Christ - the Lord our God. And who wouldn't want to talk to God?
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