Jan 6th Deep State False Flag Trump Framing

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Nov 16, 2022
United States
POTUS Trump had indeed received actionable intelligence, well in advance that a foreign government may in fact attempt a terrorist attack on or about Jan 6th, and tried his best to get the D.C. authorities to allow him to have up to 20,000 national guard troops in place to protect the capitol,

While at the same time the FBI had been receiving intelligence in several of it's field offices in various states that boasting beyond mere protests were brewing. The FBI had enough time to activate it's Anti terrorist forces against this, and the Deep State Hatched It's Deep State False Flag Attack Against Trump.

And while there are now over 40 million mentally ill people wandering about America, in need of treatment, and or committed to an institution, amongst them are some who identify as right wing. And a very few Oath Keepers, etc.., were going bonkers, and so were used by this Deep State Plot. That's correct, the Deep State took advantage of a few nuts, to hatch a plot which the deep state eventually even uses to blame all on the right,

Most all of the Media are left wing deep state themselves, but who have pointed out mistakes in information, likewise also twist all of that, to again lie to us, and only double down to blame virtually all Republicans for Jan 6th, and beyond. So I will use one website alone, with branched articles, if one wants to pursue further.

**** The Newsweek articles / site shows, that exclusive classified documents show that on Jan 6th that there were up to 120,000 capitol protestors, while the deep state had tried to say there were only 10,000, then 15,000, and finally went as high as 20,000. ****The reason the deep state wants to lie and keep the number of protestors to about 1/6th of the actual numbers, is to try and make the insurrection look worse percentage wise for all who were really there to merely protest.

And the FBI had at least 20+ Confidential Informers there. CI, including the head of the Poor Boys, even though they are blamed too. The Jan 6th narrative has up to 2,000 who acted badly, and of those 800 who really acted badly, and by a year after jan 6th only 225 were charged, and 40+ charged with conspiracy. So there was indeed an Insurrection, by a very small percentage, with at best 2,000 being suspected out of 120,000,

While the night before two pipe bombs with timers had been planted as well, by whom, we still do not know. And the Deep State having Provocateurs dressed as MAGA, but handing out hammers, and inciting the insurrection itself. The legal barr for an insurrection is low, and US Code covers Rebellion and Insurrection as the same, which then can lead to revolution, etc.., but the definition of insurrection is very low. So the Deep State managed to make up to 2,000 people at best act wrong, with less than that extremely wrong, but blames the entire 120,000, and the entire right for it.

****And some newspapers and news outlets blamed Antifa and other potential Infiltrators, etc.., so naturally Republicans in Congress, or merely in support of the right ran with that, as it was there job to question with what was reported.

And false, or otherwise, that was their job, until or unless proven otherwise. And so with a lot of that reporting as having been proven false so far, the deep state leftist media only blames the Republicans as Conspiracy Theorists, who only wanted to investigate, and stand with what was reported, until or unless proven wrong. That was their job to question until proven otherwise.

Exclusive: Classified Documents Reveal the Number of January 6 Protestors


A couple of idiots apparently bragged online that they wanted to make trouble on Jan 6th. Beer Muscles no doubt, where you start drinking, and brag stupid stuff online.

2) The FBI gets wind of this, in a few of it's individual state field offices, and eventually decide in short order to alert their central FBI Anti Terrorist Office, and plan begins to emerge. But as you can see had more than enough time as a result to hatch something up, ( with the evidence of their imbedded provocateurs such as Epps being identified possibly as one, etc.., to prove they eventually did )

3) They hatch the Jan 6Th Deep State False Flag Attack against Right Wing "Ultra & MAGA King" ( names yet to be devised against all of us by Joe Biden ) POTUS Trump, and set the real Leftist Insurrectionist plot in motion. So while Biden and the Deep State continue to mock us, They are the ones behind these deep state flse flag attacks, in this case which will require them to stir a small percentage on the right into their very own insurrection designed to taint and blame us instead

4) They have time to set this all up, and even line up several CI ( Confidential Informers ) to show up on Jan 6th to infiltrate whatever presence actually shows up, including the leader of the Poor Boys, as a CI for the FBI, even though the left tries to vilify the Poor Boys as White Supremacists. ( White Supremacists working for the FBI as CI on Jan 6th )

5) President Trump gets a highly likely intelligence briefing that foreign government actors may attempt a terrorist attack on US soil in Jan 6th, highly likely to be in Washington D.C. no less. And POTUS Trump takes immediate action. After whatever WH Council meetings, etc.., Trump decides to ask the left in charge about calling up the National Guard in D.C. Trump dispatches the actual Secretary of The Army and his staff, to go to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and the Mayor of D.C. to try and negotiate for 20,000 National Guard Troops to be deployed in and about the capital for Jan 6th. Pelosi and the Mayor of course reject such help, citing a false excuse of alleged "bad optics." The Secretary of the Army, and his staff, try to negotiate down to 14,000 National Guard Troops, and see in the end it is useless.

6) The head of the Capital Police knows something bad is going on, and no less than six times requests that all 100% of the Capital Police be called up for duty on Jan 6th, but is turned down each time.

7) The Deep State FBI have enough time to set up at least 20 CI, and several law enforcement Provocateurs to be in the crowd at the Capital on Jan 6th, even ones in law enforcement wearing red jackets, and red maga hats, who also happen to have hammers with them to hand out, and instigate the crowds, in a deep state set up, to riot. But who were indeed Federal Law Enforcement Provocateurs, so set up in advance to hand out some hammers and instigate a false flag insurrection if he can, with a good deal of capitol footage to show, even though the left, deep state, even in the fake Jan 6th Hearings Committees, to deny, protect, and falsely deflect from the possibility of them even having existed, etc..,

Then the few idiots, of the 120,000 protestors actually there, with the few as those the Feds instigated, and the rest protest at the Capital peacefully, with the few instigating actual riot conditions. But with the Deep State Actors, and Plants, one of the planted ANTIFA Leaders, etc.., is there as one of the instigators, and some questionable activity was indeed provoked, but most of the protestors behaved very reasonably well.

9) And the Capital Police eventually open the Capital Doors, invite the protestors in, and even lead them around, and even disappear into the shadows, to allow everyone to roam free. And the left of course denies this all, and only blames the Right, and again Falsely Claims everyone Rioted, and AOC, and others, make up their usual Lies, and false claims that her life was threatened, or she was afraid for her life, etc.., even though AOC wasn't even in the Capital Building on Jan 6th.

10) And the Deep State False Flag Treasonous Insurrection Failed, Because They Hoped Trump Would Say Something Crazy So They Could Nail Him For It.
And so the Deep State did the usual pre planned continuation sets of lies, to blame their insurrection against Trump again. And to cover up further, Pelosi eventually also dismisses the House Of Representatives Sargent At Arms, so he can't then be questioned as to what he knew.

11) And so the usual cover ups, and lies, and dismissals ( The House's Sgt. At Arms, ) were engaged in, to cover up the Deep State and Capital Leftist Conspirators False Flag Insurrection They Must Make Sure Trump Hangs For, At Least In The Media, Or They Will Be Exposed For Their High Treason Insurrection, Punishable By Death.
The Left's Media has done their deep state best work to blame all Republicans in Congress, and those who defend Trump, as crazy conspiracy theorists, because a few news outlets indeed blamed Antifa, and other suspects, so naturally based on such news reporting, why wouldn't Republicans demand answers, and deeply pursue this route, until or unless proven wrong?

12) Trump had Actionable Intelligence that a Foreign Nation Sponsored Terrorist Attack Might Occur on Jan 6th And Had The Secretary Of The Army And His Staff Try And Negotiate 20,000 National Guard Troops Guard The Capital, And Decides To Hold An Insurrection Himself Instead?
Who's Dumb Enough To Buy This Crap? And His Own Words Were - To Go To The Capital And Protest Peacefully. They Couldn't Get Him To Say Anything Crazy, But Instead Of Admitting To High Treason, To Keep From Potentially Being Hung For Treason, Need To Still Try And Pin Their False Flag Insurrection ( Based On The Words They Hoped Trump Would Say, But Never Did, ) On Trump Instead. To Admit To What They Did Could Cost Them Their Lives, So They Have No Choice But To Double Down On Their Blame Trump Instead!!!!
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Jul 27, 2023
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POTUS Trump had indeed received actionable intelligence, well in advance that a foreign government may in fact attempt a terrorist attack on or about Jan 6th, and tried his best to get the D.C. authorities to allow him to have up to 20,000 national guard troops in place to protect the capitol,
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