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OSAS and God's Final Plea

Discussion in 'Bible Study Forum' started by Phoneman777, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Phoneman777

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    Paul says the things written of old are especially for those upon whom the ends of the Earth will come. That would be us, right or wrong? God called righteous Lot and his family out of Sodom - lest they perish with the wicked.

    In Revelation 18, the last warning message to the world just before Jesus comes is another call by God - for grace-saved, born-again, washed-in-the-blood, sheep-of-the-One-True-Shepherd CHRISTIANS to "come out of Babylon, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins and receive not of her plagues". In Egypt, the first three plagues fell on everybody - no distinction...but the seven last plagues only fell on the wicked.

    So, how can OSAS square up with the fact that the saved will become partakers of sins and receive a sinner's punishment if they remain in Babylon?