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Discussion in 'Prayer Forum' started by chdmission, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. chdmission

    chdmission New Member

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    Dear brothers and sisters
    please pray for my older son who has gone through high school diploma and since he is under R visa there is no provision for scholarship nor financial aid to go for further study please do pray that the Lord may open a way for him to go for degree course
    and pray for not to fall in temptation of any kind
  2. limbo

    limbo New Member

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    Dear Lord,

    Please help this dear Christian parent who is worried about their older son, getting an education and not getting tempted by the evil of the world.
    Lord, You know the heart of this young man. Stir his heart to seek you, not to be afraid of the confusion in this world, made to stumble all are not wary.
    Please protect this young man, draw him to You by Thy Holy Spirit and save his soul, give him salvation so he can put on the whole armor of God.
    And be able to stand and withstand all the forces of the evil one coming against him. Help him and guide him into the best education and employment
    that he can get. Let it all be to Thy Glory
    Amen and Amen