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Thanks For The Welcome!

Discussion in 'Community Welcome Center' started by Guest_Chuck55_*, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. Hello Christians (and non). I'm glad to be here, interested in becoming a part of this community. I am actually an atheist. Not the scary baby-eating type, but the nice friendly moral type. I'm not here to try to shake people's faith or blaspheme your lord. My image of religious folks, especially Christians is rather negative. I want to foster some understanding. Maybe you guys aren't so terrible after all? I do like Jesus, (I read The Bible), you guys also like Jesus. There's common ground. After all, we all have the same ultimate questions...
  2. HammerStone

    HammerStone Well-Known Member Staff Member

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    United States
    Welcome Chuck, your account has actually been approved this morning. I'm not sure why guest posting was enabled here, but that was fixed as well.
  3. Jordan

    Jordan Active Member

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    Welcome Chuck to Christianity Board. I sincerely hope you enjoy thy stay here, and hopefully help you along the way with love of course. [​IMG]
  4. Nivleos

    Nivleos New Member

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    Welcome friend.Nice to have someone who can ask some good questions from the other side of things.
  5. Jilli

    Jilli New Member

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    [​IMG] Hi Chuck, glad to hear you don't eat babies. Tell us some of your thoughts. I am interested.Why do so many athiests view christians so negatively? Most of the christians I know are quiet, unobtrousive peopleand certainly don't jam their ideas down anyones throat.Good to have you here.